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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Web of Trust, additional security in the browser

Web of Trust, additional security in the browser

Although no doubt we are equipped with our corresponding antivirus, firewalls and other precautions in our PC, we can also assist the security of our computer through our browser extensions. One of the most recent we have discovered is Web of Trust , which allows us to discern whether the website you are browsing unsafe or presents certain threats.

Through search engines, links received via email or social networks, we may be unwittingly entering websites that are a danger to the security of our data. Although many of our security programs can detect them, others may go unnoticed, and leave us open to threats like phishing, unauthorized collection of personal information and more.

The differential value offered by is precisely in the human insight that we can offer, and sets this extension of other security tools. It is based on the ratings of millions of websites to calculate the reputation of the web traffic using icons via social networking, webmail, and other popular sites. Obviously, green means a reliable site, while red indicates that this is a dangerous place. Clearly, it is very intuitive to use.

As a security tool from the user community, is completely free and this is a major plus considering the amount of money you should pay for a similar tool that can not be properly updated. Of course, being a human product has its flaws, but it is also very powerful.

Web of Trust can be used to complement the rest of the most security professionals we have installed on your computer, or to use the cloud. It should not be taken as a unique tool because obviously it is not a virus but simply a “help” to see if it is getting into dangerous waters. However, to be as intuitive use, costs nothing and let install this extension to work.

Another important fact: we can check the rating of a particular web page directly from the official Web of Trust, entering its URL.

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