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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Social Networks |

WeFollow, a place in which to find profiles to follow on Twitter

WeFollow, a place in which to find profiles to follow on Twitter

Twitter is a social network with which we can access multiple sources of information in addition to serve as a channel of direct communication with our friends, reference marks or characters. Logically, given the large number of users and therefore sources of information that can be found on Twitter, selectively choosing them can help us to process all the information we receive and avoid what they call infoxication . offers several tools to find profiles that follow (looking for contacts in Gmail, suggestions for profiles, etc) but also the large number of pages that use the Twitter follow button , we can use services like WeFollow to find relevant profiles can contribute to our timeline content of interest.

It’s been a couple of months talking about the Twitter lists as a resource to keep in mind when we were still sorting profiles (grouped thematically and also no obligation to follow the profiles directly since we can follow the publications through lists without having to follow the profile) and, really, WeFollow can help us locate interesting profiles we can follow or add to any of our lists.

And why is this tool? WeFollow is a leading search engine [around about 3 years] running and functions as a directory in which is collected a certain depth profiles and therefore considered as reference or inclfluyentes profiles. Given that Twitter is a global network, the directory WeFollow is quite large, so that when making our searches also have to limit what we’re looking through labels such as subject or genre (music, politics, sports, entrepreneurs, etc.) and by geographical area (country, city, etc). Combining these two factors, the application will return a list of users (sorted by number of followers, from highest to lowest) considered “influential” or “some weight” which, in the case of interest us, we can move or add to any of our lists.

If anyone thinks that their profile should be out in the lists, the service allows users want to join the directory, though, linking your Twitter account and giving permissions even for the application to publish in our name (something it is not advisable to do).

Today, thanks to the follow button is present on countless websites and that the form of Twitter (and the suggestions of profiles to follow or search in Gmail) works pretty well, maybe this type of service has been relegated into the background, but if not been long on Twitter, can be an interesting reference source to find profiles that are interested in our affinity and follow us.

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