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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Uncategorized |

WeWorked, a cloud service to keep track of our working hours

WeWorked, a cloud service to keep track of our working hours

Today many professionals working parts filled in which, as a rule, detailing the hours you devote to the various projects that develop to control their dedications and, of course, the hours link costs to verify that the expenses are within the project budget. Whether you work in a company as if it is freelance keep track of the hours spent on each project developed or tasks performed is important work that, in many cases, is carried out by using an ERP or, rudimentary way, by any spreadsheet.

A good way to take our control if, for example, lack of a tool in our company and, of course, we do not rely on a spreadsheet is to take a look to the cloud and use WeWorked that, in addition, is also available as Google Chrome application .

WeWorked is a cloud service that, for free, gives us the ability to keep track of our working hours, manage the of other users and validate their accusations of hours and, in the case that we do not with other resources or we are a freelance, we associate the hours and costs from this tool manage invoices we send to our customers.

The ability to create working groups, validation flows and insert parts reminders, for example, to remind members of a team that should make working parts are some of the features offered by the service also includes some payment options which get support, reports to exploit the data stored or, for example, charge users of a company and facilitate the implementation of workflow.

Personally I find this very interesting service for organizations that are growing and rely on spreadsheets or even take control of their project costs using such tools, from the point of view of teamwork, can be much more ordered dependent spreadsheets (even if they are stored in Google Drive, to cite one example). In fact, you can add costs, and freight basis, generate billing is a detail to keep in mind.

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