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What can we expect from IFA 2012?

What can we expect from IFA 2012?

From August 29 to September 5 will be taking place in the city of Berlin, one of the most anticipated events each year in the world of consumer electronics, IFA 2012, the largest technology event around the Europe and worldwide is second only to the CES in Las Vegas. This year’s IFA promises, and according to all the information circulating since before the fair, touchscreens will be more than ample.

At IFA 2011 we met some wonderful like Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 , the camera Sony NEX-7 , the 3D TVs without glasses Toshiba ZL2 and many other gadgets, so the question arises:

What can we expect from IFA 2012?

Note Galaxy II and HTC One XXL

What can we expect from IFA 2012? image 2

The first reality, the second a rumor. About the Samsung Galaxy Note II, next screen terminal with more than 5 inches by Koreans, much has been said and even as the company introduced its first teaser , taking filing date confirmed for next August 29, day initiating the IFA.

However, we will see more of these hybrid smartphone tablets, such as the much speculated HTC One XXL , which many say will debut at the event, either by that name or the HTC One X +.

Unlike the terminal, it is confirmed that we will see the LG Optimus Vu international version with its 5-inch screen and 4:3 ratio, plus the Lenovo K860, all betting line “Phablet” as was baptized in the United USA.

RT Tablets

What can we expect from IFA 2012? image 3

No one can doubt that after the presentation of Windows 8 for a couple of months, in conjunction with the Microsoft Surface tablet will see many tablets with Windows 8 version of RT for this IFA 2012, and this is the version for devices with processors ARM.

Acer, Lenovo, Samsung and Dell are some manufacturers that have already confirmed working in Windows tablets RT, and taking into account the importance of IFA here no doubt present some models, and even Microsoft would show more of the Surface in the version RT.

Not only that, it is said that Intel would reappear in a technology event showcasing their hybrid Ultrabooks prototype tablets, such as those presented last April at the Beijing IDF , running Windows 8 Pro and with which want “inspiring makers” for their future models.

Sony Xperia Tablet

What can we expect from IFA 2012? image 4

It’s been over a year since the Japanese giant, Sony, we introduced its first family of tablets, the Sony Tablet P and Sony Tablet S. That is why after some images have leaked , is expected to present at until now known as the Sony Xperia Tablet, which again bet on this market, taking full advantage of their services and attractive as the platform PlayStation Mobile and synchronization with their other products.

This tablet is said would have a 10-inch screen and a quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3, plus a beautiful and tiny design thickness.

Phones and mobiles

What can we expect from IFA 2012? image 5

Not only LG, Samsung and Lenovo will show its latest terminal, but is expected to Panasonic forays with several new smartphones, which count with operating system and be models from basic to higher end, as his family Eluga .

Since China also come two large companies, such as Huawei Ascend P1 with D and Quad, powerful terminals we have not heard much so far, and we would ZTE also some surprises for this great event technology.

OLED, LED Crystal, 4K and 3D

What can we expect from IFA 2012? image 6

The TVs will form an important part of this IFA 2012, where we can expect a renewed Sony Crystal LED technology, with which at the last CES 2012 planted Korean peer competition, Samsung and LG. However, it is expected an important presentation for OLED panels from LG, especially to make official the final version of the EM960 LG OLED TV, the first 55-inch OLED TV to hit the market.

Toshiba update the technology included in his series of television ZL2 allowing visualization of three-dimensional images without using special glasses.

To finish in the field of TVs, some companies will again surprise us with their TV technology 4k and 8k, which is listed as resolution of “Ultra High Definition” and is up to 16 times more pixels than traditional HD. Yes, for now these are only prototypes and are not expected to reach the market in a long time.

and Windows 8

What can we expect from IFA 2012? image 7

With the release of Windows 8 scheduled for October 26, this will be one of the greatest actors, giving life to countless laptops of major brands, from laptops and tablets to desktops. Microsoft’s new platform will be present in style in the IFA.

In the case of Ultrabooks is good news for fans of these laptops, and Intel and manufacturers have been working together to dramatically reduce prices (and thus try to increase sales), so that in the event finally ultrathin could see $600 as promised in June .

Surely this IFA 2012 will be full of great new features, and Gizmodo will be present to inform all the throws.

Official site of the IFA 2012.

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