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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Social Networks |

What can we use Instagram badges?

What can we use Instagram badges?

This week, added a new feature to their web profiles to move forward with its expansion across the network. The mobile photo application launched a few weeks ago in the network profiles, which allow users to access the photos removed from the phone, plus some basic configurations, options and comment on the images of others. To further promote these profiles, Instagram this week presented the badges or insignias that we insert into our blogs or personal pages.

Get one of these is actually very simple. All we have to do is enter through the side panel of our Account Settings in the web-clearly-the Badges menu, where we will find different options to embed on our site. We select one of these options, and then copy the code that is generated below depending on the type of badge you have selected. Then with this code or go to our blog site and insert it where relevant. So far, we have said nothing new: these instructions to install can be found anywhere. Now we’re going to talk about why have a Instagram badge sum us in our business or personal blog, or on our website.

  • Instagram to demonstrate a social presence: we can insert a box of our Facebook or Twitter timeline. Add a button Instagram lets us show that we have a strong presence in social networks, as well as to provide a channel that can not be adequately promoted and requires the same work as the other.
  • More social media to humanize the brand: social networks indicate that we have a human presence behind, and a genuine interest in contact with our users. Obviously, this will depend on the quality of answers that we have in our channels, but initially the case. A button Instagram and indicating our presence serves to humanize the brand for which we work and demonstrate their social intentions.
  • Pictures to promote products: finally, although we can not embebear images with this button, users can enter to find product images. Now since clarified that Instagram channel should not be 100 percent dedicated to this , but a couple of images will not hurt.

These are just some ideas, of course that the badge can be inserted for any other reason. Another thing to consider is that we can design, based on the usual button Instagram, our own button with the colors of our brand, for example. Unfortunately you can make additional customizations, and we can insert our Instagram images automatically. With this, the badges of Instagram would be something more than just additional detail and could become a useful tool only.

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