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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Software |

What features of Windows 8 are limited in the RT version?

What features of Windows 8 are limited in the RT version?

As is well known, the new version of the Windows operating system brought a huge change, a complete renovation and redesign with the new user interface that until recently was known as “Metro UI” but due to some legal setbacks has just happened to be called “Modern UI”, or the “modern interface.” However, in the two versions of the platform, Windows 8 and Windows RT, the traditional desktop is still present we have known for many years and that was the basis of our work to Windows 7, which Microsoft wants to change. But while the desktop or Desktop mode is still present, in the case of Windows is incredibly limited, so then you have what you can not do in the desktop mode of Windows tablets.

What applications can run?

We are clear that Microsoft wants to promote the development and use of applications in Windows 8 as he had never done, and it showed the app store Windows Store which is growing at an incredible rate. However, these applications are designed to run on the new Windows modern interface, making his intentions clear that in the future traditional desktop disappears.

What features of Windows 8 are limited in the RT version? image 2

While Windows 8, designed for the x86 architecture, you can run any application that is compatible with Windows 7, in desktop mode as might be expected, this is not the case of Windows RT. The ARM architecture version of Windows can only install new apps from the Windows Store, which means that the desktop mode does not support third-party applications, only the native Microsoft.

Being more specific, in the Windows desktop RT mode can only use Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and the file browser, as these are the only applications that are preinstalled on the Microsoft platform. Besides that, any other third-party application is available in the Windows Store, and how we use it “Metro” or Modern.

Why desktop is so limited?

Because it will disappear. Point. There is no other possible explanation. Microsoft will disappear and eliminate traditional desk we’ve known for so long, to make way for the modern revolutionary new interface, as the basis of its new platform. The reason for this is simple, it is the future of user experience in computers or devices with Windows. Considering the boom in information technology touch panels from the gadgets we carry in a pocket or backpack, to desktop computers, the Redmond needed a friendly interface for their operating systems, and desktop mode is not. Surely Windows 8 last much longer, but in not, we’ll soon see disappear from the tablets.

What features of Windows 8 are limited in the RT version? image 3

Limiting the desktop mode is not just for users but also for developers. In fact, this is the main group that is headed this “blockade” of the Desktop. The reason is that with this Microsoft tells developers: “You can build anything you want, your applications are welcome, yes, do it Based on the modern interface.” With this strategy Steve Ballmer and his team plan to forget the desktop mode, and use all the applications we want but in the new interface, for example, our application of Hypertext for Windows 8 , designed to work perfectly in style “Metro”.

So why not eliminate the desktop?

The way modern desktop and interface are two different things, and make a change so, so sharp in one fell swoop is not something that would have pleased the hundreds of millions of Windows users in the world, not counting the they are not even happy with the new interface, while still being able to use the desktop.

In person, I love the modern interface, particularly on a touch screen, and the fact that they are so similar interfaces Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows 8 or RT makes a big benefit for users of all these platforms. But “change” is usually something that is disliked by most people, so Mcirosoft being subtle about leaving your desktop into oblivion, while offering the two interfaces. Should not surprise us if the next Windows desktop is gone completely.

In addition, there are other important reasons, and has to do with the most important application and greater weight in the world of Microsoft: Office.

Office is the only desktop application that requires to function. It’s incredibly funny that, considering the importance of this application to the company, the platform of the home office is not yet adapted to the new interface. If, Office has been redesigned, and both Word and Excel and PowerPoint look great, but the desktop is not so friendly touch so as I mentioned, which means that if we are in our Surface trying to edit an article, could pass problems when using the editing features in Office.

Not only this, but the modern interface with their new “Control Panel”, the settings menu on your desktop traditional version is still much more complete with more options. This is something that Microsoft should fix in the Control Panel if you want to forget the desktop mode.

Conclusion: The desktop mode should not be present in Windows RT

What features of Windows 8 are limited in the RT version? image 4

As I explain throughout this article, desktop mode is too limited in Windows RT, with only four things you can do in this interface: Using Internet Explorer, File Explorer, Office (a compulsory) and the panel full control.

This being so that I can only say that the desktop mode should not exist in the Windows tablets with RT, is superfluous and is less comfortable to use than modern interface, designed for large touch panel experience. Had taken If Microsoft Office a Modern UI or or any tablet with Windows desktop mode RT would, of this I am sure. Why they have not is something I still wonder.

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