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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

What indicators to use in a report by Social Media

What indicators to use in a report by Social Media

A few weeks ago we gave you some tips for creating a good report . At this stage of the game, can be considered an art. Based on this article, today we’re going to talk about the most important indicators that can be used within a Social Media report. Some are provided directly by the reports generated by the tools-for example, scope, printouts, users interact, and more are provided by Facebook Insights-, others have to be calculated manually by us.

As we said at the time, a good report of Social Media has to have information that our customers need to see, so it is essential that we have a preliminary meeting where we will define which variables to analyze. Many times, these variables are not included by the tools we use and we have to create us. Do not despair: it may be an average instead of a general number, for example, nothing too complicated. we separate these indicators into two types: the usual and custom. Now explain well what goes each.

Usual indicators

The usual indicators did not take much time, because they are generally provided by the quantitative analysis tools we use. We are going to tell what each is and what it does.

  • Impressions: in the words of Facebook, “The impressions calculated the number of times is a publication of your site, whether it is clicked or not. Users can view multiple prints of the same publication. “
  • Scope: Again, let us quote Facebook. “The scope calculates the number of people who have been publishing prints a page”.
  • Users interact: this is the number of people who click on the publications page does.
  • Likes and Comments
  • Retweets
  • Favorites
  • Statistics: This refers to the usual statistics page, as many fans, new fans per day, page-demographic gender and age of our fans, and all kinds of information that does not cost too much to extract from the reports generated by tools.

Custom Indicators

Custom indicators are those that we create based on the needs of our customers. We can not tell which ones have to use because it depends on each account. But we can say that, for example, impressions of Facebook work better “view” when we average day to say how many impressions, in general, had each post. If we had a post particularly successful in terms of impressions can highlight them differently.

Now I do not have to be a mathematical genius to know how to do these calculations. An Excel spreadsheet can make them for us, for example. The number of fans that have a page I use, but I use much make a comparison with the previous month or the same month last year, using a simple rule of three to find the percentage of growth. One thing to say “we have so many fans,” but another to say, “we have grown at a given percentage.” This can be a double-edged sword because it can also be showing stagnation or be losing fans, but it allows us to see if we need to change strategy.

That’s another thing we have to keep in mind when we created our indicators. How are we going to serve us? Do not take the reports as a way that the customer can see and evaluate our work, but also as a way to improve what we are doing. It is also a very concrete way of knowing what content is working to replicate and be even more successful in what we are doing. This, of course, depends on each fanpage, each Twitter account.

What are some of the indicators that we can create?

  • Averages of usual indicators
  • Tweets and most successful publications
  • Growth rates
  • Best time of publication
  • Content that receives more feedback
  • Content that receives more RTs

They are only recommendations, as we said, these indicators have to be negotiated with the customer to see what they need. And of course, considering what we need.

Some recommendations

What do we do with all these indicators? Well, we have to analyze the. It is not simply send the numbers and nothing else. Therefore, create and analyze these indicators are different. We need to have an understanding of what are the best ways to get more impressions and reach more users.

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