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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Mobile |

What is and why you should install MediaMonkey for Android

What is and why you should install MediaMonkey for Android

We are about to enter 2013 and now fully settled in the XXI century. For several years we can say that the vast majority of the population has access not only to a computer, but Internet, a global network that connects us with people of all countries and allows us to exchange information and enjoy all types of content . In fact, these contents are consumed directly in the cloud, without downloading them first but as we enjoy doing it. The streaming music is king, but will agree that music collections gathered over the years still weighs heavily, especially for lovers of this art.

Downloadable music library can be very important. I’m talking of course of traditional formats like vinyl and CDs, but also, of course, its digital dumps as MP3 or FLAC formats, in which personally I store gigabytes and gigabytes of music, always organized. The organization can be very important if the library is large, but the task can be complicated and if we add the minutes you spend doing we would be surprised.

Fortunately there are tools like MediaMonkey, of which we have spoken on several occasions , and now gets a version of the popular mobile platform, Android. for arrives in beta form, and eventually come to launch a final version to hit Google Play, the official store platform applications, but for now we must download it from the official website .

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What gives us MediaMonkey for Android? Well, many things. Like the desktop application, it is a hybrid between music player and organizer, and when compared to other apps such functions focused on the platform, leaving that well. They’re definitely good news considering that this is a future version that lacks functionality, but in which we can enjoy the following:

  • Support for music files, podcasts, videos and audiobooks
  • Managing playlists
  • Multiple ways to navigate the music library
  • Replay Gain
  • Support for lyrics
  • UPnP and DLNA

As you can see, this is not a basic player, but the interface is quite simple. It is a multimedia and application player promises and give you enough to talk about when you get to play.

Another interesting feature which we find ourselves is the ability to sync content with the desktop application, which will delight Android users already familiar with MediaMonkey.

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