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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Apple |

What is “Fusion Drive” of the new iMac and Mac Mini?

A couple of days ago Apple held what will be his last keynote of the year, where he presented a series of wonderful products, starting with the much speculated iPad Mini , the surprise of a fourth-generation iPad and especially the long-awaited renewing desktops house. The new iMac and Mac Mini 2012.

While the this year remains the same beautiful design of its predecessor, the iMac has been redesigned so it is now even thinner and really attractive, incredibly thin edges that make it definitely an ideal desktop in appearance and above all, performance.

But the appearance of this computer is not the only improved, as well as their new processors and technical performance, incorporating new technology into your storage system, which Apple has called “Fusion Drive”, present in both the new and the new Mac Mini.

What is “Fusion Drive”?

This system consists of nothing less than the integration into a single unit of a hard disk and a flash memory of the same type as those present in solid or SSD drives. But do not get confused, because while anyone can mention “hybrid discs have long existed, this is nothing new,” this argument is wrong, because the software is where makes a difference compared to any hybrid.

The new Apple storage devices offer users seeking the highest possible capacity but also have faster transfer rates, which although not enough to offer a solid unit as such, if they fulfill their promise thanks to the wonderful management OS X makes this system.

How to Drive Fusion?

As I mentioned, it is a system that has a HDD for storage and a solid unit for the software, however, how special is that Apple has designed a technology that offers great functionality in Fusion Drive. Is that, wisely, learn the system and user files will notice or more programs that are used to store and on the flash drive, which can be achieved access them at high speed, as if were only of a solid disk.

For the rest of the files you have on your computer, the system will catalog as “not so important or relevant,” and so they will be stored on the hard drive section of Fusion Drive.

In addition, the flash drive will be included by default operating system (as was supposed) and some applications of the house on the block as iLife or iWork, which come installed by default on Mac All these features Fusion Drive through software incorporated will result in better performance on these computers.

Availability of “Fusion Drive”

The new Apple storage system is available in two configurations:

  • The first has a hard drive capacity of 1 TB and 128 GB SSD, which will be available for both iMac 21.5 “to the 27″ and the Mac Mini.
  • The second has a 3 TB hard drive and a 128GB SSD, but is limited only to the 27-inch iMac.

In a future Apple is expected to develop the evolution of this attractive system, first giving it more storage via SSD, and maybe, just maybe, incorporate it into the MacBook Pro in the future to give them more storage, although this was I see unlikely as it may slightly increase the thickness of these laptops.

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