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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in SmartPhones, Software |

Whatsapp disappears from Windows Phone Marketplace

Whatsapp disappears from Windows Phone Marketplace

Sometime during the morning of Friday, one of the major messaging applications and popular mobile phone users has disappeared from marketplace . is not visible for hours in the Microsoft application store for mobile devices with its ecosystem, which has irked many users. The application, which placed her last major update in version 2.0 had no apparent malfunction, except for the fact delay the sending and receiving instant messages from some seemingly random way in some terminals (like mine) and until yesterday was could download without any problem, which makes this sudden disappearance is even stranger.

The development team, however, had to advise the mid-July of a malfunction in the update to version 2.8.1 IOS, advising users of the system to wait for the next version before upgrading because some problems are not detailed, ending promoting the application to return free for a limited period of time. This suggests that the small company may be having problems also in the version for Windows Phone terminals, although they have not offered details.

The service continues to work correctly for all those who already have the application installed on their smartphones, and do not see any apparent failure in the system, but the disappearance of the app from the list of applications can be a serious setback for any new user platform as well as for those who have opted to do a “reset” your Windows Phone to change your Microsoft the new service Redmond firm that launched last week.

From Neowin indicate, however, that the disappearance of the Windows Phone Marketplace WhatsApp is not so, and that is simply marked as “private” mode in which applications are set by default when in its version of testing, by some kind of error or maintenance. The website says that you can access the application via your website link in , but at the time of this writing the web page just returns an application error not found. Without any explanation from WhatsApp Inc. can only hope that everything is settled, and of course hope that does not affect the thousands of users using the application on the mobile platform from Microsoft.

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