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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Features, Windows |

WhatsApp Windows reaches the hand of an unofficial client

WhatsApp Windows reaches the hand of an unofficial client

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile applications market, if not the most. With over 10,000 million messages a day, the developer is one of the startups with the meteoric growth that come to mind, since it was founded only in 2009. Since then the application has changed internally, although the new user can be counted on the fingers.

Despite being cross-platform, and available in systems such as Android, iOS, Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian-one of the secrets of its success, one of the things that bothers me is that it has a web or desktop client to resume talks that when we are faced with a computer.

Google Talk Gmail or Skype, to mention other popular clients, not only have mobile applications but with desktop or web apps that are easy to chat from your computer or mobile, and even do so simultaneously to resume conversations in either platform if we have to go out or just get to the office or home.

Although not yet officially arrived, and indeed without any plan by its creators to do, WhatsApp comes to Windows by a third-party application, wassap .

WhatsApp Windows reaches the hand of an unofficial client image 2

The discover thanks to our partner Marce Castro , exposing some of the strengths and potential dangers of it. For starters, being a third-party program that barely know a few hundred users, one ensures that the message encryption or sensitive data that is reliable mention now.

Apparently ! ow! eve! Studios , its developer, focuses on own encryption to offer an application that lacks proper backend, ie servers directly connected to WhatsApp and use your services, as coded and reliable as when we consume through mobile applications.

The real problem is that wassap start to catch on and decide WhatsApp block your access to the services they offer. This makes sense, because even if the application is free and therefore nonprofit, if that would defeat potential WhatsApp plans to launch a desktop client or web client. With a little luck and thanks to applications like this, end up doing. Let’s see how the application works and why it’s worth installing it (or not)


The first is to install the application . Weighs a few MB and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and is quick and painless.

Automatically we find the login screen, where you must specify the following information:

WhatsApp Windows reaches the hand of an unofficial client image 3

The password is another controversial points of the application, because if we use WhatsApp on Android terminal enter IMEI in which we do it. This is a very sensitive data through which you can lock the phone, release it, and various other things, so it should be a private thing. With trust in no backend, the password should travel directly to WhatsApp servers and give us the same security that gives us this application, considering that estamso now running an application on Windows and the potential dangers that entails. Personally I think it’s to put the outcry, and I’ve tested the application with my personal phone and IMEI.

In iOS the password is for the WiFi MAC, and Windows Phone to the device ID. As you can see, and although this is not something really known, this is the same authentication methods using WhatsApp on different devices, with the difference that here we do not need to receive a confirmation SMS.

The last step of the setup, once we entered our account correctly, is to import your contacts, or add them manually. Why I have to perform this step if I have my contacts on the phone? For the simple reason that commented a while ago: The backend application lacks, and like on the phone, the contacts are stored locally. This also happens to the historic chats, why not be reflected in the conversations we have in the desktop phone and vice versa. For now wassap only allows import contacts from a Google account, something that is frowned terminals ideal for Android.


First, talk about something very important: Once you have logged on to the computer, will not receive messages on your phone, and vice versa. Do not panic, because to get back on the phone WhatsApps simply log off the computer , or open the terminal itself.

The current version of the application is really basic. It has two columns, one with the contacts on the left, and another with the chats, right. We can only display a chat at the same time, and notifications of them come through a notification in the taskbar. The performance during testing was correct at all times, except for the fact that the contacts do not really know if you have reached the messages or not (the famous double tick).

The application lacks, for now, the ability to send files such as photographs, but we can receive. The reception of photographs serves as a link to WhatsApp servers where you actually hosted the file, and with one click can open them in your favorite web browser and download course.

The version buts are that having a chat on screen only and receive notifications on the taskbar makes it very possible that we lose if we have several conversations. A good way to do so is to look at the number that comes right out of our contacts when we have messages, indicating the number thereof. Hopefully in the next versions are addressed in different tabs open chats or is highlighted clearly with whom we are speaking and who is not.

Another but, as mentioned at the beginning, as it is a completely disconnected application, such as phones, not share the history between terminal and desk. Lesser evils facing a client to use WhatsApp on your computer.


From wassap we can draw several conclusions. The first, which is a client application to supplement the lack of official Windows systems, and also, if all goes as expected the developer, will release Mac and Linux. Maybe the time is at a very basic, but it gives us the ability to communicate with our contacts to perfection.

The big but is what will happen if people start using the application, or applications derived as WhatsApp could restrict access from desktop. Meanwhile, even without knowing whether or not there will be web application, I can not recommend its use to chat from WhatsApp on your computer. Bearing in mind, of course, which is a third party application, with buts that entails and I discussed in the opening paragraphs of this short review.

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