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When your smartphone is your ebook reader

When your smartphone is your ebook reader

We are increasingly used to thinking of the mobile phone as our hub: there have centralized tools for both work and for leisure: communication, daily tasks, calendar, task list and entertainment. It is strange to think that even in the case of reading ebooks, to read on your mobile phone are more than we do in an e-reader itself, despite the small screen, as confirmed by the latest report of the Information Society in Spain (PDF) , Telefónica. Logically is the terminal that we always with us, and that means that often we can leverage to further readings dead moments when we have not planned to take our reader mail, or who do not have one, exploiting the tendency of manufacturers to include larger screens in these devices, start using your phone for reading without major discomfort.

Therefore it is important to have a good application to read ebooks on mobile and so here is a selection of the best, both for and Android.

and iPhone

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Kobo is an application to read books he has built social functions (sharing via Facebook and Twitter) and statistics that make the reading is a game in which we won achievements, (something like Foursquare badges), but beyond that are a reader with a very nice and comfortable interface. Adds ebooks EPUB or PDF from the e-mail, web, or your Dropbox account, and has synchronization with other Kobo apps.

It is available to download for iPhone and iPad and Android . Free.

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The king of digital readers is, as expected, one of the best experiences of use in their apps, even on other devices. Sync is easy to use and allows you to convert documents via email.

It is available for iPhone and Android for free.

BlueFire Reader
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Supports files with EPUB or PDF format, with or without DRM. All you have to do is authorize the user free Adobe ID in the app and sync with iTunes or Dropbox ebooks to add to the library.

Available free for iPhone and Android

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Your community is its great advantage, which makes us one of 100,000 books available free of charge to read instantly. Use a proprietary format and can import other books than those that make that community, and therefore it is also very easy from there self-publishing.

It is available free for iPhone and Android .

Only iPhone

iBooks 2
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The application created by Apple to read your ebooks could not disappoint: its interface is excellent and very comfortable to use. However it is closed. There can only read ebooks that we bought in the iBookstore, and not even be able to port them to the Mac, making it inconvenient option for users with other devices or who want to buy their ebooks elsewhere.

It is available for iPhone and iPad for free.

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It is one of the most recommended by its users, had 4 million downloads to January 2012, and has won several awards since its launch. Supports EPUB, eReader, MS LIT, Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket, PalmDoc and documents as HTML, PDF, MS Word, and Rich Text Format. It offers more than 50,000 free books from Project Gutenberg and other libraries.

Incredibly easy to use and available for both iPhone and iPad users. Free.

When your smartphone is your ebook reader image 8
Designed to replicate the same feeling of reading a book, Eucalyptus is a very elegant in its design, which allows only text in their ebooks without images. It lets you import books from elsewhere than the Gutenberg Project file.

It costs $9.99 and is only available for iPhone.

Android only

When your smartphone is your ebook reader image 9 One of the most comprehensive reader for Android, with a user-friendly interface, allows, among other things: organize your books into collections, save pages to return to them anytime if you have finished the book and search terms on Google, translated or Wikipedia. Supports EPUB and read PDFs leaves as ebooks.

The only difference from the free version to the Pro is that the latter has no advertising.

Moon + Reader
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This is a powerful ebook reader with options very complete, with free version and pro.

The paid version costs € 3.85 and removes advertising and provides statistical support for PDF and option to set bookmarks and make notes among other things.

When your smartphone is your ebook reader image 11

Very easy to use, customizable and flexible to import ebooks with one click. Its paid version costs €8.36 and can mainly organize notes you take, something that will come in handy if you read underscores.

You can search for free and paid books in over 50 catalogs online.

Google Play Books
When your smartphone is your ebook reader image 12
We should not forget to mention in this part of the implementation of Google Play Books, incorporating recently updated searchable dictionary, synchronization and the ability to highlight and leave notes on your reading.


When your smartphone is your ebook reader image 13
Fabrik differs from others by its absolute sync with Dropbox, and for being a reader elegant, colorful and functional. It supports TXT, EPUB and MOBI.

It is free.

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