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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Where to download free legal music

Where to download free legal music

The issue of downloading Music is something spicy. Record companies have their opinion, his artists, audiences quite another. We are not here to get in any of these sides of the path, but we can say that the industry is changing much more slowly than consumer needs, and prosecute piracy is not going to do anything to stop the market exchange. We are here to provide a more reassuring for those who feel they are breaking the rules by downloading music illegally should not be many, or not want to risk.

But, fundamentally, the options presented below are actually a great way to meet new bands. Let’s make honest, at this stage of the game we all know where we can new releases of our favorite bands without paying a penny. And many of us have accounts in Spotify to listen to streaming pay a minimum subscription is almost every month. But from where we can download music legally and completely free? Today it sometimes seems that these two variables are canceled.

Not so. And, in addition, often when we talk about legal and free independent’re talking well. Searching for free music can lead us to discover bands and artists who do not have the means to promote themselves but they believe enough in their art to post and give it away. Here, we have prepared a list of some sites and platforms that offer free music downloads, which are completely legal.

  • BandCamp : this has to be one of my favorite places. Works well, has design customization for each of the bands, and most importantly, eliminates the intermediary between band and listener. We can give a listen to the album, and if we like to download in different formats at the price you have stated the band. And money, in most cases, goes directly to them. Besides being a great tool for discovery, often bands upload their albums free or at least some of the songs that are occurring.
  • : in the “File” Internet can find a lot of things, ranging from books to music. It is in this last part where we will focus, as in can find a myriad of, for example, live recordings known bands that can be downloaded free-called “bootlegs” – in a quality surprising. The fans are responsible for recording the shows with professional equipment-which, let’s admit, sometimes smuggled into the shows. But on the other hand, we can also find bands that make the disk available for download through this platform.
  • Artist Direct : despite what we may get the name, Artist Direct is a direct way to connect with our favorite bands. But it is a good source of both legal downloads-free-pay as well as being a portal with lots of musical information. Many of the bands that appear are quite unknown, but are known artist interviews, photo galleries, video galleries, and more. It’s a matter of “digging” to hear a song you really like and that we want to be.
  • Amazon : as we said at the time that Amazon, believe it or not, is a good source to download free ebooks, is also a good way to find free legal music. Yes, they have a limited catalog, we will not find everything you’re looking for, but one thing can lead to another and we can be finding interesting artists worth discovering.
  • Stamp Pages: another great source for finding songs-known bands and not have to pay for them-are the pages of the record. Especially seals known to host legendary bands like Sub Pop Records, Matador, Barsuk, and more. Many times, to promote the release of a new album, delivered as a free download single, sometimes for a limited time, so it’s an opportunity not to be missed.
  • : though is the best musical social network, as well as offering an online radio very good, the ability to access a network event, comment, watch bands profiles, and more-also has the ability to access free downloads, sometimes songs, sometimes of entire disks, provided by the same bands or seals. On the home page creatively find a section called “Free Downloads”, where according to our musical preferences we make recommendations.
  • The Hype Machine : This platform is an aggregator of blogs and music media where we can access different songs to listen and, depending upon media download. This is partly related to the section pages of stamps: These blogs are lifting the songs of the seals, but in The Hype Machine find all centralized in a nice interface and can listen to the songs before downloading.
  • Epitonic : This is a site with a host of free downloads, but the best we have is the ability to centrally. In the middle column we can see the downloads of the day, with the top songs, while site editors bring us news. We can also listen to playlists curated by the experts-that can be downloaded, and playlists of different labels, for example, today’s playlist of Kill Rock Stars.
  • ClearBits : Finally, for lovers of the torrent, ClearBits is a “hub” of Creative Commons licensed music. All downloads are made with permission from their owners, so they are completely legal, and the contents are noted for their quality. Not many artists choose it, but it’s a great way to discover, for example, unknown bands. Also you can download whole albums without problems, unlike many of the other sources mentioned that usually give us a song and nothing else.
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