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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Whims, an Instagram for words

Whims, an Instagram for words

It seems to be our week of typography. Today we will talk about an application that was very interesting, a sort of for words discovered by Co.Design . Called Whims , and what it does is turn a phrase in a much more stylized, with rightful according to what we have to communicate. The theme of the application is “because how you say something is as important as what you’re saying.” So nothing matters more content, but also the way in which we present.

Whims, which is available for free on iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch and allows us to make phrases and estilizarlas according to a preprogrammed battery sources in an application. Now the million Tumblr users never going to tire of sharing images with text “deep” to accompany, have a way of doing it than using Helvetica typeface. For a change, of course. can also see a kind of elegant memes generator.

It is also very simple to use. In fact, it has a text editor where we enter what you want to process, select the words that we want to highlight with another color or a different font, and then customizing the message going through the colors, font sizes, the spaces between letters, and more. Put another way, it is a space where we can play without having to be typographers have spent years studying, keyword: playing.

But another important element that has this application is the ability to create images with pre certain “filters” to use a word that know-typing. In the same way that we can apply retro effects to your photos with Instagram, with Whims can use a text templates, which in turn can be combined to customize a specific message. These templates are quite clever names as Bruce Wayne and even Barack Obama.

Finally, if we are not happy with the templates Whims offers us, or because we are tired of their proposals, we can create our own custom settings and upload them for others to enjoy. The same goes for the others to share. Whereas now this gallery is somewhat limited, as it spread a little application will get larger. Consider that all the templates are reviewed by the team Whims to know if they are “worthy” or not appear in the gallery of options.

In a web world where images are becoming increasingly important, and users increasingly rely less on words to express, Whims offers us something different creatively. Take short sentences and make them memorable through design is what anyone on Tumblr dreams every night, and is now a possibility thanks to Whims. That, as it could not be otherwise, has multiple options for social sharing. Do not forget that this is an iOS application, the end of the day.

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