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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Internet, Technology |

Whonix, OS anonymous

Whonix, OS anonymous

Although it may seem the stuff of countries like China and Iran, more and more users around the world who are concerned with keeping their identity safe in the network, for example, to avoid being tracked by others or that their communications are intercepted. Services such as the network , for example, allow us to maintain our in the network, for example, through its extension for Firefox or Thunderbird, ensuring the privacy of our transactions. With the idea of providing a comprehensive view on the guarantee of anonymity of users, a group of developers is working on a very interesting project: Whonix, an operating system secure and anonymous .

A operating system that guarantees anonymity? It may seem odd but in fact that is the goal of this project. The idea is quite interesting because, overall, the system isolates communications applications as each is in a separate instance (two VMs in practice). Imagine you are running an application or surfing the net, our requests directly instead of going out to the Internet (via router from our house), would to another virtual machine that would make domestic gateway and directly rutaría all traffic through the Tor network.

With such a scheme, it would be difficult to track the user’s IP because although the TOR network seeks anonymity, if the source computer is infected with some type of malware it is possible to obtain information about the computer’s public IP and therefore be traceable. With a view to avoid such scenarios (which are nothing outlandish), this scheme decouples into two virtual machines running applications and the gateway also adding it to a VPN connection, ensuring the confidentiality of communications can be even higher.

The project is still in Alpha stage but, in my opinion, is an initiative to monitor very closely. From a technological standpoint, Whonix use Virtual Box (logically to virtualize), the Debian (as virtual machines) and the Tor network services in a solution, therefore, can be deployed on any computer that is connected to network and installed Virtual Box (and the range of options is quite extensive).

is open to contributions from the developer community and in SourceForge can find lots of information, videos and screenshots of the project. When compared with some live-CD solutions running on the network, Whonix is much more practical to deploy and especially convenient since it requires shutting down the computer and boot from a CD, but we will have to use VirtualBox, lift Whonix and put it back when we’re done.

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