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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

Why a 7.85-inch tablet is not the same as a 7-inch

Why a 7.85-inch tablet is not the same as a 7-inch

If the amount of wild rumors circulating on specialized sites are real, Apple is about to launch a mini iPad (or whatever they call it) and once outside begin to hear two major arguments haters:

  1. Why now celebrated the arrival of a 7-inch tablet made Apple if Steve Jobs himself considered that it was launching a good idea?
  2. The 7-inch tablets were always a good idea.

But if the rumors are true, the mini is not simply a 7-inch tablet. Indeed not look anything like its immediate competitors (Nexus 7, Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 “).’ll Be a tablet of 7.85 inch.

The best way to understand the fundamental difference between one size and the other is by means of a graph produced by @trojankitten :

Why a 7.85-inch tablet is not the same as a 7-inch image 2

A 7.85-inch screen (remember that is measured by a diagonal line) with the screen aspect 4/3 (like the 10-inch iPad) is 30 square inches, or nearly 40% more screen area that the Nexus 7 (22 square inches).

A small but important detail that makes absolutely all the difference when it comes to that supposedly are the same size, but clearly and definitely are not.

What about Steve Jobs’s statements against a tablet smaller than 10 inches? Jobs was usual change your mind or say something in public to discourage competition. The best example is when he was very much against a video iPod can play, not only in interviews but in a product presentation, they claimed it was a huge mistake. Less than two years later, Apple updated its iPod classic with video playback, although the screen is small.

It should answer us, then, that Apple makes a product launch in the past said that made no sense.

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