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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Software |

Why buy Tweetbot for Mac (although it seems very expensive)

Why buy Tweetbot for Mac (although it seems very expensive)

For me, find a client that works is essential. On the phone, Tweetbot for iOS solved all my problems. Within a few hours of use, and had paid only. Not only was the fluidity and stability, but the care is in the details. As an avid user, which Tweetbot have options to shorten URLs, send links to further reading services (in my case, Instapaper), customization of notifications and the ability to “mute” words or users found it excellent. Well, when syncing with iCloud integrated, completely won me.

However, I did not find in the desktop client that satisfied me well. The best I found was YoruFukurou , a program developed in Japan which is pretty good. Indeed, YoruFukurou meets the basics for anyone who have a good time hooked on Twitter: a clean interface, stability and order.’s Pretty minimal, and overall, it worked fine. If anything, always missed that could create more columns to look at my lists, which itself allows TweetDeck, for example.

In July, Tapbots announced the arrival of Tweetbot for Mac . Honestly, I’m not a big fan of testing the alpha versions (too unstable for my taste), so I stayed out. However, I did read some positive reviews on the potential it had as a desktop client. Then came the limitation of Twitter to its API and staggered around, especially because it punished anyone who developed a similar client officer. Against the background, things got rough for Tapbots.

In the end, Tweetbot for Mac did come out , but at a price that left many speechless: $20 . In its official statement , apologizes for offering a much higher price than they had laid-Mobile version costs about three dollars, but also notes that they have twisted his hand a little. In a way, it is also a form of care that were given tokens that Twitter itself will who will use them. For those who do not know what it is, is simple: with changes in its API, Twitter has a maximum number of users to Tweetbot. The price somehow makes each download is worth the space it occupies.

But hey, these reasons are often unknown to the average user. At first glance, the price alarm. Someone told me at the weekend that it was inconceivable to pay $20 USD for a Twitter client, especially because it is the same cost with office software such as Pages, Numbers or Keynote. If viewed from this perspective, of course Tweetbot does not seem an attractive option. But, as they say, if you’re the only argument in favor of a product or service is the price, you should think of yourself twice to buy your criteria.

For Tweetbot, developers have made us think about how we use Twitter. I understand that there are people who go once or twice a day and since. To you, I say once, looking for a better alternative (YoruFukurou, for example). But if you are going to use it actively, constantly, everyday, there are few reasons not to go to Tweetbot. It has many of the advantages of the mobile version (as long menu of options, which is activated here by right-clicking), and incorporates a number of keyboard shortcuts that makes very simple to use. Are some examples:

I really loved the easy navigation that is, whether between different accounts (just click on the avatar to change everything) or lists, which not only can be deployed, but that open in different columns.

Why buy Tweetbot for Mac (although it seems very expensive) image 2

Or, if you prefer, you can open in different windows.

Why buy Tweetbot for Mac (although it seems very expensive) image 3

They have also gotten navigation gestures, which I appreciate very much when we see a tweet to detail (two fingers to the right) or a full conversation (two fingers to the left):

Why buy Tweetbot for Mac (although it seems very expensive) image 4

Still, as I had mentioned, is the ability to determine what actions you want to trigger a notification:

Why buy Tweetbot for Mac (although it seems very expensive) image 5

It is also compatible with other services to accommodate photos, video, trimmers URL, further reading and synchronization:

Why buy Tweetbot for Mac (although it seems very expensive) image 6

Well, hopefully with these catches are given an idea. I know these examples may seem like minor details, but in everyday use, these small improvements are what make everything much easier. And going back to the price: $20 USD may seem expensive, but the relationship is about what you pay for what you get. In that sense, Tweetbot completely justified. With quick setup, can have the user experience they want. Is not that what we should aspire to a good desktop client? If you can, get out your wallet. They will not regret it.

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