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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Why download offline installers for Chrome and Firefox

Why download offline installers for Chrome and Firefox

The reasons to offer online installer can be many. For example, the first well, the manufacturer or distributor makes sure that bandwidth consumed by its customers are taking advantage and they are proceeding with the installation of the application. How many times have you downloaded a file and it has been forgotten to a folder?

Another reason may be the saving of bandwidth because the application to download includes optional components. Why make the user to download all these MB-and spending on infrastructure-if we can offer only what he wants?

Today the Internet is not only a fact in most user computers, but they spend most time online. The benefits are endless, and this habit have multiplied the companies offering cloud installations. But what happens, for example, if we want to save the installation file for reuse on another computer? In this article we will see how to download offline for Mozilla and Google Chrome, two of the most popular Internet browsers.

An installer online Internet connection required to proceed with the download and subsequent installation of components. Wait. We are talking about web browsers. Are not we supposed to have an Internet connection? Exactly, but our motives may vary. Added to those mentioned above have to add other staff. Many times I reinstalled Windows on my own equipment or third party equipment. One of the first things I do is to replace Internet Explorer with Google Chrome. To do this I have to use Internet Explorer, or dispose of the installer.

Google takes time regularly offering online installer for Chrome, since the first versions if I remember correctly. Mozilla has decided to standardize however recently, offering a web installer and beyond saves the user having to choose the appropriate version (32 or 64-bit, etc.). However both still offer us the possibility of the full version of browsers. Here are the download links for both:

Eye. While you have a full installation of any of the two is a good idea, we should mention the great inconvenience. If we are going to install it from our own device have to be aware that this may not be current. Generally the installer that requires an Internet connection download the latest version. In our case we see that we are installing the latest version. This is a minor problem, however, since both browsers offer the ability to download the latest version automatically if we become obsolete.

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