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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Why fanpages administered directly from Facebook?

Why fanpages administered directly from Facebook?

Usually we speak of countless clients and social network operators can use to enhance your social networking experience or efficiency as community managers . Generally I try to stay doomed to Twitter, because Facebook is a very special case. It depends on each account, each person’s taste, from customer needs … Anyway, there are many factors that determine what type of client we use to manage Facebook. My recommendation is not to use either: directly manage accounts from Facebook itself.

There are many reasons why I would like to go, but at the end of the day I think the decision is entirely personal. You can also rely on other people, especially if you work with large accounts that have everything a management team which is what usually makes these decisions. But if it depends on us, then we may consider the following factors before deciding:

  • The Facebook API has many limits. For example we can not do endorsements from third-party clients, this should be done from the same site. And if we consider that when we respond comments make a mention is critical because we are losing the ability to do something. Facebook may change this restriction, but for now, it is more convenient to handle the response from the same Facebook comments.
  • Facebook reports are very comprehensive. Download quickly and give us a pan of barely look at the situation. Usually what happens with twitter is that we have an analytical tool natively, so we have to hire third-party services. With Facebook not necessary.
  • The programming tool works smoothly. This means that the differential value so far had many customers, the possibility of programming, is co-opted by the same Facebook with this tool. It works in a very intuitive and leaves us all posts checkear programmed from the Activity Log. Again, we are getting for free something that previously had to be paid to another platform.
  • Facebook is a powerful tool for notifications. In our work we have to keep track of comments made by people in the fanpages. It is therefore essential that we know when these comments are being made and where. In many of the tools I tested, the notifications are very poor. With Facebook we have a special panel which in turn can access all these comments and respond quickly.
  • The images, videos and links are better. Many of the tools that we can use or hire often have trouble properly post a link, and went up a photograph, hosted on an external server instead of opening an album on Facebook or upload the image to the wall photos. This does not always happen, but it may be a possibility. With Facebook we can handle these things perfectly, ensuring that post correctly.

Customers for Facebook that really are usually cost efficient good money. Just yesterday we review some paid services that can be useful in everyday work. But if we are working with a limited budget, then it is advisable to locate our coins where more appropriate. Managers have many tools for native pages on Facebook that allow us to use the most without having to hire an alternative customer.

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