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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Software, Technology |

Why not sell your photos Instagram

Why not sell your photos Instagram

Occasionally, Internet live drama. Sometimes with reason, others through ignorance and others, like today, can not read the terms of service and because a large amount of whiners agree. The reality is that nobody ever read the terms of use of software, even when they are as beautiful as those of 500px , so when igorancia alarmism is aligned with the recipe is a combo breaker infalibe. And no, not your photos.

And not just that Instagram will not sell your or any other if necessary but also paradoxically these are even safer than they were before. Another thing is they belong (and for some months now, not talking about anything new) to one of the companies of the width and length of the Internets most reviled personal information, Facebook. And another thing, too much different, is that if you have a problem with the conditions of use of any service it makes sense to stop using it, and not boring ad nauseum.

Instagram will not sell your photos for a very simple reason: it can not. And where it says “Hey you can not sell my photos, you can not use them or modify them in any way” is precisely the same conditions of service on which Internet medium has shed tears of anger and revenge. In these circumstances, the sentence of misery reads:

To help us deliver paid or sponsored content interesting or promotions, you agree That a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (Along with any associated metadata), and / or actions you take, in Connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.

That translated:

To help us deliver content or promotions or promoted pay that interest, aware that a business or other entity may pay us to show your username, likes, photos (along with any metadata), and / or actions make, in connection with content or promotions paid or promoted, without compensation to you.

In that sentence, written in legalese unbearable, there is a single important word, a verb: show. And it is precisely the only show that can Instagram (and thus Facebook) do with your photos. They can modify, or sell, or make a short, paint and color with them, something that is not well thought out so bad.

In other words, you can gather a group of photos on an issue and promote it somehow. It may be useful in the case of events (a concert, a music festival), a specific brand (photos people take of their Nike shoes, for example) or any other type of activity. You can take your photos and display them (one and only show them) to make money. Nothing more, nothing less.

Pretender to the contrary that that will not sell your photos Instagram is all pink is both completely naive. Open a door to some legal loopholes that could occur for example in the case of a famous into a clothing store and the famous photo taken to be used by entering the same store to imply any relationship with it.

Or that a photo taken in a public service of poor quality (Hello, Renfe) criticize, be used by the same for the opposite slogan accompanying a more flattering. There are countless ways in which this “show pictures” can be used with dubious purposes, but none of them comes the possibility of being sold, modified or a picture of when you take a few beers with friends ends in a poster Coronita giant.

Then there is the issue of swearing and swearing that you terminate your Instagram account, something so old and repeated many times (has going on with Facebook for years), which by now gives tenderness. The alarmism is something else, and especially it seems that everyone lives with someone wanting to break the well-known “Do not be evil Google in any of its forms only to mount the drama and complain about the infinite evil of large corporations.

Instagram has long since stopped playing in the kindergarten of startups and a play that has gone completely by the face and head, which under certain circumstances could have foreseen. You may have only two years of existence, but billions of dollars and as many users later becomes clear that the Internet is growing quite fast. The same Internet that you prefer, rather than a critique weighed and grounded, remove the machete against one who will sell what is probably the photo of your cat off the macaroni that ate last night.

Picture: Jason A Howie

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