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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Software |

Why Windows Pinball disappeared?

Why Windows Pinball disappeared?

Windows XP included several native games , among which were the mythical Solitaire, FreeCell and Minesweeper . But in addition, the operating system had a pinball title, 3D for – Space Cadet. However, it came to Windows Vista. Disappeared Pinball Why Windows? According to Raymond Chen explained, Microsoft engineer, the reason was that the code was too complicated .

Years ago, Chen began wearing “several million lines of code” 32-bit to 64 to prepare for the launch of the edition of Windows XP optimized for these processors. Enter the code to be converted was the developer in charge of this game (also known as 3D Pinball or simply Pinball).

Pinball was present in the Microsoft operating system since the days of Windows 95, so it made ​​sense that the company would take care of their continuity. However, Chen once got down to the work found that the 64-bit version of the title had a bug that caused the ball atravesase objects “like a ghost”.

And when the object of the game is just hitting other elements, this is a problem. But it did not matter much, since it was not even possible to start the game itself, because this spherical ectoplasm also passed through the mechanism to push it to the pitch.

“The ball was transported to the pitcher and then began to fall slowly to the bottom of the screen,” says the developer. “The used to be very short.”

Chen tried to fix the Windows Pinball failure with the help of a colleague, but it was several years ago written code and by another company. It also recognizes that no one in the company ever came to understand its operation. What’s more, it did not include any comments that could help in this regard. “I just could not understand why they worked the collision detection. Heck, we could not even find the collision detection”. On the other hand, it was possible to leave the 32-bit version, since at that time there was no configuration options to have components that are compatible only with these processors.

This coupled with the fact that they still had to make the change for millions of additional lines of code (including, for example, in Explorer), made ​​being forced to abandon the project. Microsoft could not afford two days studying pasasen developers hidden fault in a program that, much as it hurts those who spend hours in front of the screen hooked Pinball, quite dispensable.

Yes, the engineer himself admits that the decision as to which saddened him more. “I really enjoyed playing that game.” In fact, estimates that used up to 4 times longer than originally budgeted to port the Windows Pinball. Moreover, he told a while , get solve this title to not consumed only the entire CPU is most proud of what is in regard to his work in Windows XP.

But, why was not released Pinball code when he met this problem? Very simple: it belongs to Microsoft, which was limited to get a license from the company that owns it. “If you want the source code, you have to ask her.”

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