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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Why your company should have a blog

Why your company should have a blog

We have heard at length: that are dead, you should have a better social networking account and ready, and many other things. But when it comes to managing the online presence of our company or brand, we must also consider creating a blog to comment on our news, connect with our users, and basically give the specific use you want to give this medium. Did we should have a corporate blog?

I think so. We must not confuse social networks and blogs-happens-or rather want to spare our online presence. Blogs are an important channel of communication that allow us to reach our customers and consumers. In addition, we offer other possibilities that open up a range of content options and engagement.

Why your company should have a blog?

  • As news channel: a blog is ideal for publishing the latest news related to services, products, updates … whatever we think is novel and worth reporting. You can also have a much more relaxed and use it as a form of communication between the team and the world, posting photos, stories and more.
  • For detailed information: also be used, for example, to publish the terms and conditions of a particular promotion we are doing on social networks or on another platform, to specify some things, post tutorials, and more, things obviously can not publish social networks because of the detail and extent.
  • To engage team members: Team members may also feel more involved if we created a blog where everyone can participate, creating a community even within individual blog editors.
  • To index on Google: this is obvious, if we have a blog within our website, Google will prioritize better our site as we have followed updates with original and useful content to users. For this, we need to have a record at the time of update and publications.
  • For the discussion in the comments: comments on blogs are a great way to approach users who want to leave suggestions, make a complaint, or sing praises. The good news is that users can be much more detailed than in social networks.
  • To increase our credibility on the Internet: to have a blog we will be positioning themselves as experts in a particular topic, so that the blog will serve as a way to give to the world all we know about the things we do.
  • To build our brand voice: Finally, it is important that over time develop a consistency in the blog, with a clear line style and themes specific to help generate our own voice online. Only a matter of time before all decant and know well what our identity online. At the same time the user will realize.

So now we have it: to create a blog can be used as simple platforms like Blogger or WordPress, but please, let’s use design resources to have a more professional feel, and virtually no cost to create a platform to strengthen our team relationships with customers and users. One can only win.