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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Video Games |

Wii U and its enormous importance for Nintendo

Wii U and its enormous importance for Nintendo

From tomorrow arrives in Spain and the rest of Europe, after a week of being available in the United States, the new home console the Japanese giant, Nintendo, with the name of Wii U . It was at E3 2011 when Satoru Iwata, President of this employer, first showed us what would be the successor to Wii, and certainly surprised us all. However, at this point we ask: Do you really succeed Wii U? Let’s try to analyze the answer to this mystery, but for sure, only time will tell.

I’m a gamer, and like many of you, my first was a Nintendo platform (specifically a NES), after which I had another four, not counting different GameBoy models I had. Users like I was, are the base that remains so popular this company. That is, fans of the brand, those who only see a new ad for Nintendo and gain dream product. But these users can not live a company, Nintendo or at least not today, and thanks to its huge rivals (Microsoft and Sony), has lost many fans blind, and I include myself among them.

Wii U is a replay of Wii

With Wii U, Nintendo seeks to revolutionize strongly gameplay video games again, and I say again because Wii did, and in a spectacular way, but this time, the stakes are a bit quirky perhaps, as no is simply a different way to interact with a video game, but in a strange way to merge a traditional console with that to have practically declared “his new enemy,” mobile devices.

Nintendo treats us to say, “Who needs games for tablets if Wii U has its own tablet?” But this is not as simple as the use you can give this command-tablet is hardly comparable with use that can be given to an Android tablet or iPad ordinary, to name a few.

Wii U and its enormous importance for Nintendo image 2

Mario Bros The company has flatly refused to launch their titles, we all know and are incredibly famous, for mobile devices of any kind. Emulators that have appeared in App Store and Google Play Store have been withdrawn by their demands. Nintendo is very clear: their titles are unique and never become mobile. Wii U, is the answer to this lack of Mario and Yoshi on our iPhones, or iPads Galaxys, or at least I try, without much success.

Wii U certainly try to be as revolutionary as it was new Wii, but I doubt that achieves this goal. I can not deny that the Wii U gameplay I find it very attractive, especially in titles like ZombiU but distract the user’s gaze to have to constantly focus on a heavy knob with a very short battery life (much less than days intensive as a player are so many) is not the same as moving the arms with controls that are simulating long swords. It becomes tiresome, and there may be a problem for Nintendo.

U The Wii Remote is not a tablet, period

Although I said that the big “N” is about to face their enemies iPhone, iPad and Android with its Nintendo 3DS handheld console first and foremost, but also trying to revolutionize the console market with a “joystick tablet hybrid” I must clarify something: the Wii U controller is not a tablet, and never believe otherwise. the fact that in the promotional videos see how they use it to make video calls, TV _streaming with _ and to surf the Internet, does not mean it’s a full-fledged tablet. In fact, not even to say that has a pleasant experience when performing these actions.

This is a resistive screen device (I can not even believe) that has so seriously flawed, for example when trying to perform actions such as “drag and drop” (drag and drop) that are so essential for the normal mobile device. While Nintendo tries to convince us that we can use the command as tablet until we play, it will not.

Wii U and its enormous importance for Nintendo image 3

And speaking of video games, Nintendo offers a feature that is very attractive on paper: if we are playing on the TV in the room, and we vacate and leave the house, we can take the control knob and continue playing on your screen. This is true but only in part, because they have not specified is to enable this feature is optional for developers, Nintendo sure thing activated in most of their titles, but third parties who create elaborate games simply will miss this option . In fact, neither ZombiU or Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, to name a few, have it.

If we want to accompany the experience of a console with a tablet, SmartGlass Xbox 360 works in a wonderful way, thanks to the dashboard or console interface and compatibility with any Android tablet or iPad.

Nintendo bet big with Wii U

The new home console Shigeru Miyamoto is of nerves for executives, as Nintendo has not had its best fiscal years between 2011 and 2012, so you need quickly a “boom” in the market. Unfortunately, there is sure to Wii U it is, in fact, although relatively strong sales began (although lower than in the first week of Wii) yet there is nothing to celebrate in their barracks.

Wii U comes with a graphics capability that rivals PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles that are 6 and 7 years on the market. Yes, Nintendo prefers revolutionizing and compete with the best graphics, but in reality it has not always been this way, since Wii have begun to implement this strategy, since for example, the Nintendo 64 was much more powerful than its direct rival PlayStation 2. For Wii U (and full year 2012) even some developers have complained about its processor .

Wii U and its enormous importance for Nintendo image 4

But I admit, I want to become a Wii U, and playing the games unique and accompanied by a touch screen in my hands, because I am a fan of video games and I just play all titles in the series “The Legend of Zelda “. The problem is with those who are not fans, ie most of the public. The problem is that while Nintendo fans will blindly with the console, those who are not will want to try the console first, whether it’s a friend’s house, and all the points I have presented in this analysis could make think “Better wait for PlayStation 4″.

Wii U will be well received in the market, especially thanks to his fans in the world (in Japan remember that buy anything to announce, whatever). But long term is that we will know for sure the answer to the question with which we began this análisi, and hopefully either way, Nintendo surprised us even more in the next platform.




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