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Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in Video Games |

Wii U will lock by region

Wii U will lock by region

The arrival of the next generation of video game consoles Nintendo is getting closer. However, there are still many details to know about this platform, even when recently confirmed the Japanese price and release date for Europe and the United States , but today unveil details will not be well received by the community.

And is that has confirmed to Eurogamer that Wii U will lock region, which means that games bought in regions other than where you bought the console, you can not use it. Terrible news, but in the case of Wii and 3DS portable is equally expected that the new desktop Nintendo change his philosophy, which ultimately did not happen.

Certainly if you live in Europe or America, usually both the console and the acquired video games in the same area, however, there are many instances of games being released first in some territories (usually in Japan) or even never reach some regions, so that the solution to this was the import of the same, which is not possible on the Wii U.

Finally will rely on local distributors to have the catalog of games for Wii U, or what is the same, so the game launches a specific day worldwide distributors will be in our territories to decide when we can buy it. Certainly, Nintendo does not learn from past mistakes.

Wii U will be available in Europe from November 30.

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