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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Software |

Windows 8, filtered four videos for television

Through Israeli techit page has been seen in a few hours the first announcements that plans to launch Windows 8 on television. Four clips of just 1 minute where the company focuses on the ecosystem of its new operating system.

The first of the videos with which we opened the entry appears under the title of “Work Hard, Play Hard”, a sequence where the company shows the OS inside a tablet using SkyDrive to synchronize configurations and data. The second, “Make it Yours”, shows the possibilities and customization aspects of Windows 8.

A third party under the title “All about the apps” shows the benefits that can be in the form of applications available from the Windows Store. Finally, in “Meet Windows 8″ focus on and how we can perform searches from the operating system.

Four clips, the first to be launched by the company, with a common theme. It seems that Microsoft is trying to use the Windows brand above which means as launching a new operating system. An approach which seeks above all the user will adapt to the great changes that the new Windows will over previous releases, a change that undoubtedly cost some more than others.

We must wait for the next 25/26 October, departure date operating system, the tablet possibly with Surface, to really see what he’s capable of.

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