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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Technology |

Windows 8 gets 40 million licenses sold

Windows 8 gets 40 million licenses sold

After spending a month of the launch of , has revealed that it has sold 40 million licenses of the product.

The charge of making the ad has been Tami Reller, President of Marketing and Finance for Windows, while appearing in the annual technology conference organized by Credit Suisse.

Compared to Windows 7, the most successful operating system in the history of the company, which he sold 60 million licenses in the first two months, the results of Windows 8 are according to these official figures, promising.

During his presentation, Tami Reller, who did not disclose any information about Sales of Windows RT, shared some other interesting statistics about the new Windows ecosystem.

  • Microsoft has so far certified 1,500 devices for Windows 8.
  • The number of applications available on the Windows Store has doubled in the last month, reaching the figure of 21,500 applications.
  • 90% of consumers who purchased Windows 8 are more functions using the home screen, the desktop from day one.

Another interesting fact is that the Windows Store applications have exceeded $ 25,000 in profits, making it possible for developers to get 80% of those who get in the life cycle of your application.

Tami Reller, has confirmed that most of these surprising results are due to the upgrade offer to Windows 8, which will be available until 31 January next year, by which consumers can purchase Windows 8 at a special price.

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