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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Economy and Business, Software |

Windows 8 gets sales ‘well below expectations’

Windows 8 gets sales 'well below expectations'

is the beginning of a new stage. His total redesign of Windows Phone 7 was the beginning of a new road map which also included venture into the smartphone market with the help of Nokia, to launch its own tablet, or deeply redesign your OS with Windows 8. Now that you have put all eggs in one basket, get bad news for Redmond. Windows 8 would not be as successful as expected.

Paul confirmed it Thurrot, known blogger and podcaster from Microsoft that covers all areas: software, hardware, video, telephony … Sales of are well below projections. It also ensures that the adjective most used internally in the company to refer to these sales, is disappointing. This is stated in his famous blog, Windows Super Site . He also notes that Microsoft’s official stance on this is to be to blame the PC manufacturers for its slowness and inability to tune the new system on their computers. A sad indeed Microsoft’s inability to look at yourself, self-criticism, and look for what went wrong between their forecasts and data in hand.

The theory of this blow to the company Steve Ballmer is that they have tried to unite good concepts, but together they have ended up confusing the user. Logically speaking Modern interface, oriented touch screens, hiding behind a desk very similar-although improved-the traditional Windows. Surely Microsoft wanted to get ahead of the race to become an operating system perfectly adapted to these touch screens, and perhaps he did too much.

In 2012, when the number of users with these screens on their computers is so low, innovation is risky both. Although you get a beautiful interface and can provide new elements without tracing existing ones. Microsoft would have cost in the first instance a disappointment, lack see how users respond in time. And it must be borne in mind that OS talk of mass, in which many users do arise update, or know of the existence of Windows 8.

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