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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Software |

Windows 8 Store: How to download applications from other regions

Windows 8 Store: How to download applications from other regions

One of the most wonderful in the new version of the popular and successful operating system from Microsoft is its app store, which is that Windows 8 joins the trend started in the world of mobile devices with stores like App Store for iOS , and later came to desktop computers with Mac App Store for OS X, offering through the Windows Store on Windows 8 a catalog of for computers that run on this platform, with a great variety and offering its users the best selection of software.

Previously, our colleague Francisco Martin gave us a introduction to the Windows Store presenting everything we needed to know to enjoy this platform, where we can get some of the most successful and popular applications like Evernote or other, but to work with the redesigned interface Windows 8, until recently known as Metro UI.

With more than 12,000 applications available in this store, however, many of the applications are limited by territory or language, so even if was released worldwide, some apps are offered only in the United States or Europe , for example.

For those who live in Latin America this issue is not surprising, unfortunately, since both Google Play Store and App Store are many apps that want to install them when we see the despicable announcement: “Sorry. This application is not available for your area. And I mention the word “despicable” because it is, really, because it limits the software that we enjoy.

However, in the case of Windows 8 are less restrictions, so we can easily remove them without any tricks or complex modification and thus begin to enjoy the full catalog of applications wherever we are.

Configuring Store and our preferences

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As mentioned earlier, most of the restrictions come to offer comfort to the user, offering only what the store thinks is ideal for this, because of its location and its native language. This being so, in the case of Latin American or Spanish can enjoy between 800 and a thousand applications in the store up. To view the catalog almost complete, we just follow the steps.

The first thing to do is close the application from the Windows Store completely. This can be done from the traditional “Task Manager” of Windows, which can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button on the bottom bar of the desktop.

After closing the Windows Store, we headed to the Windows Control Panel, which you can access either a search in the search bar or from the column that “hides” on the right side of the screen in Windows 8, the same from where we can turn off the computer. Once there, we headed to the section “Clock, Language and Region”, and in this select another country different from ours in order to see their catalog.

However, to get the entire contents of the Windows Store, need to configure your preferences in the store.

To achieve this we must access the Windows Store and it accede to the command bar, then select the “Settings” then “Preferences”. In this last section, there are two options:

  • The first option has to do with the priority given to applications store that are in our language. This option is enabled by default, if deactivated, the catalog of apps in the store will increase incredibly.
  • The second option is related to easily find applications with accessibility features. This also is on, and we must disable the Windows Store to show us a wider range of software.

If we follow these steps we will notice that the number of apps in the Windows Store will increase from about 800 to at least 7,000 in the catalog, as we are not limited by our location or our language. Of course, not only find applications in English and Spanish, but also in other languages.

If you want to know more about Windows 8 not hesitate to go through our special section and guide . And remember, once you’re in the Windows Store, leverages and install our application Hipertextual to keep you up to date on all the latest news from our blogs.

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