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Windows 8: Your versions and updates

Windows 8: Your versions and updates

There are only twenty-four hours to officially launch Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft. Perhaps the biggest fix that is made of it in a while. A point arrives, we review with more substantial changes.

The interface

And met with Windows Phone 7 , the mobile operating system that came exactly two years ago. It was the tip of the iceberg of the new Microsoft plans. In September of 2011, known as Windows 8, could see their performance on a tablet to sense touch screens would have a lead role.

This has proved. And the Metro UI is the proof. The initial panel composed of live tiles (something like ‘dynamic tiles), with a design intended to touch interaction with a mouse rather than the sample in constant action. The application displays the weather forecast live without having to open it. The same is true of mail, which will preview the sender and subject of the last mail received, or the calendar, that teach our upcoming events.

Windows 8: Your versions and updates image 2

All your screen, in fact, is designed for this very tactile interaction. A good example are the active corners. If you glide your finger across the top left corner, you will see the latest open applications (except in cases of complete closure prior, as in all other operating systems). If we choose the lower left corner, only see the thumbnail of the last application. New options for the user. The important thing is that this interface is not only manageable with touchscreens, Metro can also be operated with a mouse and keyboard. Yes, there is an important limitation: to open Metro applications need to have a resolution of at least 1024×768 pixels. A low bar, but they can not overcome many netbooks, televisions or screens or vertically only reach 720p.

RT Windows and Windows 8

There are two main versions of the new Windows, designed to different hardware systems. For one, Windows RT for ARM architecture-based computers. A lighter version of that only works with the Metro interface, and a file management system that will be as close to the classic Windows desktop that we can find. Teams recipients of this version are mainly smartphones and tablets. If you are thinking of the Microsoft Surface, is a case in which I will explain later. Was able to install only applications approved by Microsoft in Windows Store, native apps and some even have no choice. Typically, though, is that it exits slowly new compatible. Many of them are adapted versions, like the case of Microsoft Office 2013 RT.

Windows 8: Your versions and updates image 3

The larger version, Windows 8, is set to team with Intel. Turn has two versions, the 32 and 64-bit (as will teams with 1 or 2 GB of RAM later, respectively). Thus, desktops and laptops would be your main destination. Windows 8 yes you can use software like previous models 7, Vista, or XP (with some exceptions). That is, we can move from the Metro interface to the classic Windows desktop instantly, whichever suits us more than we want or use.
However, the opposite case is possible. Although probably not directly, you can run Windows applications developed for Windows 8 RT through some sort of emulator.

Windows To Go and sleep mode

An interesting feature of Windows 8, especially in view of the work environment. Windows To Go allows you to store the entire operating system, applications and configuration on one USB flash drive. So, we can take this pen drive to another computer and use it as if it were our own, without the need for facilities or dump the contents to your hard drive. The only requirement of this development is that the stick is at least 32 GB.

For its part, the standby mode (or standby on) allows the computer into a sort of sleep mode, but can receive updates (similar to Power Nap of OS X Lion Mountain), message, etc.. Focused especially to save battery, extend the autonomy of our team.

SkyDrive takes center stage

SkyDrive is the storage service in the cloud from Microsoft. A cloud that Microsoft places great importance in its latest operating system. For example, lets in your photo folder are added all the images we have in our account of Facebook, Flickr, etc.. This is configurable, and are playable separately, add services more selectively, etc. Not only is integrated with SkyDrive photos, is that Microsoft encourages its users to make use of the online space.

Windows 8: Your versions and updates image 4

The cloud, one of the last reasons of technological war between brands, has made every giant wants done with it. Apple iCloud, Google with Google and Microsoft with SkyDrive Drive have jumped on this trend to address (each with more or less likely) to Dropbox, Box, Mediafire and company.

Microsoft Surface

Along with Windows 8 in two versions, will also be released the other big bet Microsoft, the Microsoft Surface . It is true that they have arrived a little later than the competition to the tablet market, but they have done knowing how to innovate and present something that deserves special attention. Importantly, the two different versions of Windows (RT and 8) that are also left their mark on the Surface. And it is essential that there are two models with different architecture and prices, depending on the version you want to use.

Windows 8: Your versions and updates image 5

For one, the version with Windows RT, with capacities of 32 or 64 GB, 9.3 mm thick, and a starting price of $ 499. As the leading model of Windows, you can only run Windows applications Store, and Metro interface will not allow you to install desktop applications. It is a tablet with a mobile operating system.

On the other hand, the version with Windows 8 Pro with x86 architecture, capacity of 64 or 128 GB, a thickness of 13.5 mm, and an initial price which officially is still unknown. This model does that allow you to use desktop applications, and will be a portable tablet format, for better and for worse. On the positive side, its lightness, its handling, its connectivity (USB 3.0, SDXC …), and above all its power with i5 processor. We speak of a tablet in which we handle professional applications or PC games. The latter is a double-edged sword, as I find especially one as negative aspects: a tablet with its touch screen is not the best support for using full applications. But I think above all to Living with Windows 8 as a two in one, a tablet with mobile OS in terms of basic uses (email, social media, pictures and videos …), and a laptop can open Autocad or Diablo III .

You can find all the information and news of Windows 8 in the series of entries Gizmodo: Discovering Windows 8 .

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