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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Software |

Windows Azure will support mobile applications in the cloud

Windows Azure will support mobile applications in the cloud

Windows Azure, the cloud platform of Microsoft applications, incorporates a new capability for data storage and backend applications mobile and Windows 8 according to Microsoft’s announcement . For those not familiar with Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform hosted in Microsoft data centers where developers can store data, authenticate users and to send notifications to customers without having to worry about all the technical details that have to deal with normally . Additionally, it is announced that will support multiple mobile platforms besides Windows Phone, such as Android and iOS, but the date that will happen was not disclosed.

These new features are framed within the Windows Azure Mobile Services, focused on providing facilities to mobile application developers to make the leap to Windows 8, but non-exclusive, ie, we can further develop and use other Windows platforms Azure as a backend, which undoubtedly represents a change in approach when Microsoft invited to use their development platform. Presumably it has something to do with the fact that the dominant mobile platforms (Android and iOS) are present in almost 9 out of 10 smart phones and need to attract developers of mobile applications.

The idea behind Windows Azure Mobile Services is enabling developers to move quickly in building applications, providing the backend so they can concentrate on the front-end, as well as gives them tools to make common tasks but normally consume time. In this segment competes with other companies as Parse, and Urban Airship Kinvey, although not immediately, since these companies do not yet support Windows 8 (which is obvious, yet it hits the market).

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After setting up an account in Windows Azure, developers can add up to 10 free applications at this early stage of 90-day trial . When configuring the application, it is associated with a SQL database in the Azure cloud.

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From there, remote applications can request data and make updates without even knowing SQL, using REST and JSON. You can create tables, explore data, perform complex queries, reindex tables, creating indexes and even integrate validation of users and send notifications quickly and easily, which allows developers enforcarse in designing their applications.
Furthermore, as is common in cloud services, provides metrics that allow developers to monitor the use of their applications.

If you want to try the Windows Azure platadorma should download Visual Studio 2012 Express next to SDK Mobile Services Administration and go through a quick and easy setup, focused on connecting Windows 8 applications with data in the Microsoft cloud.

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