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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Software |

Windows Blue, the following Windows

Windows Blue, the following Windows

One month, 40 million copies sold, reviews varied and the biggest change we’ve seen probably since 95, so . We have not finished yet to digest the new release and we started to have the first clues about what’s coming next: Windows Blue.

Windows Blue is, or appears to be, the attempt by to engage the annual production cycles that other companies like Google and Apple have begun to standardize. An influence that comes largely from the field of mobile operating systems, iOS and Android as shining examples, but also we have seen for example between OS X and OS X Lion Mountain Lion. This new version of Windows would be accompanied by a change of interface and Blue would only codename or internal designation of Microsoft, not the name of the product itself.

For when? According to several rumors pointing to mid-2013 could have you with us. The name Blue takes some time hanging around but does not refer, as many believe, the next major version of Windows but to something that makes more sense: frequent updates to keep your system up to date.

Putting it in perspective, it makes sense on two fronts. On one side is the same strategy that has been followed with service packs over the years, on the other, it is certainly not the first time that the company does something similar. Thus, the new versions of Windows would be called Windows 8.1 (or Windows 8.5), somewhat reminiscent of the encoding used with Windows 3.1 for example, but also what happened with Windows Phone 7.5, the Windows update Phone 7 to add key capabilities.

In short, and the end user, Windows Blue means more frequent updates, much lower prices update, major changes to the end user, not in service packs and especially more flexibility to adapt in an increasingly increasingly competitive.

Furthermore, suspiciously fits with that Windows 8 was released without being completely polished and finished entirely, and those that predict a low adoption by the business sector. An update to resolve problems, remove bugs, improve stability and adapt to the business segment would have some sense.

Finally, if is true, and I would hand it is, we should not take long to hear more, especially if the launch is scheduled for 2013.

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