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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Software |

Windows Blue would be the next Windows

Windows Blue would be the next Windows

Windows 8 is, as most know, the latest release in the world where Microsoft does best move: The operating systems. This major upgrade from Windows 7 which brings a completely revamped interface, which to be honest, I love, is the biggest change you’ve seen Windows in over ten years. Maybe a big change for some. Well today, barely a month since the launch of this platform, was born the first rumor of the next Windows, called Windows hitherto Blue, which is his code name in Redmond headquarters.

According to the information that has come through internal sources and very discreet in Microsoft, would involve tweaks to the user interface of (yes, even more changes), especially in the areas that have received some criticism since they released the first beta of the current product. This update come the middle of next year 2013.

Moreover, the most important of the arrival of Windows Blue next year has nothing to do with the interface changes or developments in system will have, however ironically this idea, but rather with the arrival of annual updates Windows, the updated style as Windows Phone, iOS and Android in the world of mobile devices, and of course as you upgrade OS X on Apple computers for some years.

Certainly the idea of a new Windows so quickly many have no pleasure, but we must remember for example the “Service Packs” Microsoft previously offered, however, Windows Blue and this latest round of annual updates would bring many improvements and further developments user that the “SP”.

Finally, ensure that this would not be a Windows 9, but rather a Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.5, which means that Windows 8 will be launched as a product rather incomplete (which is logical, given the huge change that is ) and in one or two years we would have the full experience in Redmond have planned for the new look of the most used operating system in the world.

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