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Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in Gadgets |

Windows Can a tablet replace a laptop RT?

Windows Can a tablet replace a laptop RT?

A couple of days, talking about technology with a very good friend, I asked a question that led to a very long conversation, which since then has not stopped ringing in my head, even when something really basic and certainly , many are asking today.

The question is present in the title of this article, and the answer is NO. RT Windows device simply can not replace a traditional laptop. My thoughts are based on some reasons which I will detail in the next lines.

RT Surface is not a laptop, a tablet

All geeks and gadgets especially know the Microsoft Surface , the first tablet developed directly by Redmond. This is undoubtedly the star of the release device “RT” the new Microsoft operating system, and perhaps the main point of comparison in this paper.

However, although this device has great looks and a couple of covers that make full keyboards for typing comfort, is a tablet with Windows RT, and that means many disadvantages of great weight for those who need to squeeze the potential for computer and professional applications. My friend asked me: “What if I change my laptop for one of those Surface?”. He considering that if “has the latest Windows” should be able to do the same thing on a computer with simple features, in addition to reading and surfing the internet comfortably be a tablet ..

But we must take the type of work to which we are dedicated because our professions and for which we need a computer. In your case, depends entirely on software to edit and create CAD files such as Autodesk’s AutoCAD popular. RT Surface is where it falls short, because this version of the operating system can only install applications from the Microsoft Windows Store, where by now that there is virtually no technical applications.

Windows Can a tablet replace a laptop RT? image 2

Programs like Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD and also the different platforms and software, require the use of the traditional Windows desktop to run (not to mention compatibility with only one type of processor). For can run there any third party software, but the traditional desktop is very limited, so much so that only allows the use of Internet Explorer, the file browser and platform office suite Office, not counting on the ability to install third party software to be used in this mode.

Windows RT is ideal for internet and simple tasks

I should clarify that I have absolutely nothing against Windows RT. In fact, I love the platform. I think it looks fascinating and spectacular usability, bringing a touch interface experience to another level as iOS or Android or had achieved. We need only look at the interface “modern” Microsoft (formerly known as Metro) to realize this.

For internet browsing, Windows RT becomes perhaps the best platform for the job from a touch device. By accessing Internet Explorer 10 as we can see all the buttons for navigation actions have great size, and everything is done for ease of use even more clumsy fingers.

Windows Can a tablet replace a laptop RT? image 3

In addition, the ability to manage our social networks and through the covers with built-in keyboard designed for this device, you can write occasional articles, blog entries or any last minute editing text document or spreadsheet that we deliver. But if we compare with all the tasks that can be performed in a traditional laptop, Windows falls far short RT.

On a previous occasion we explain some of the most important features of Windows 8 Windows RT limited , but if you’re looking to replace your laptop, but you must remember that: the vast majority of third-party software is compatible with x86 architecture processors, not ARM architecture, the latter being compatible with RT.

Want to replace your Windows laptop for a tablet? Wait a bit

While currently in the tablet market RT Surface, will be available soon Surface Pro, which is just a version of this tablet running an Intel Ivy Bridge Core generation (x86) and running with version Pro Windows 8, or whatever it is, the full version that is included in the latest generation of computers.

If you really want to change your traditional laptop and a tablet that serves to really work and do everything you did in your previous device, the best you can do is wait for a Surface Pro, or opt for a tablet with Windows 8 already available in the market, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad Lynx , to name one example. since in Surface RT or RT Windows tablet will not find an ideal replacement.

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