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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in News |

Windows Phone 8, so are their news

Windows Phone 8, so are their news

This October is still a non-stop as far as technology is concerned. Today, it was the turn of and has introduced its new mobile operating system: . In Hypertext, you’ve broadcast live the event but we will make a short summary of the main changes it brings.

  • Common Core of Windows 8: Microsoft has redesigned Windows 8 to share a common core with other Windows versions such as Windows Phone 8 or RT. From the point of view of developers, this translates into a facility to create applications for various devices without hardly adapt code. In terms of user experience, can change from one system to another in a simple manner.
  • Customizable lock screen: Microsoft has decided to build a fully customizable lock screen to your liking. We can set full screen widgets to maximize space. We set the standard applications that come from manufacturers such as Nokia or HTC but also of others such as Facebook, to keep abreast of what our contacts.
  • Rooms, private chat room for groups: The main function is to help the mobile communicate better. For them, Windows Phone 8 have put in place a system to organize your contacts into groups so that we can share messages, photos or to calendars with them. At first, the group is established “Family” to start in this system easier.
  • Kid’s Corner: As the name suggests, it is a system so that we can leave our children moving safely. It’s like a different user account much more restricted in which there is no access to anything that the phone owner does not want. The latter choose which applications can be used in this way, it can play games and even music that play.
  • Sense Data: Data Compression: Every month we have to be careful with the use of data to not spend what we have contracted with our operator. Microsoft has developed the Sense Data that manages to compress the web pages we visited more often and make the most of free WiFi hotspots to consume the least amount of data possible.
  • All synchronized: Today, we have a multitude of devices and Microsoft has done everything possible to have access to the same data from anywhere. Now we can see all our documents from our Windows tablet, from the desktop, from the laptop and of course, from our phone, agreeing with our own Microsoft.
  • Multitasking: Enhanced optimizing it so much multitasking multicore processors. Now Windows Phone 8 Series integrates Skype and you can run it in the background with little notice in battery consumption. From now on we can receive calls without having the application open.

Windows Phone 8 comes with lots of new features ready to stand up to the competition. It is a system with a very colorful and customizable aesthetics accompanied by some great features. If you are in doubt you can always visit their official website . Now we just wait for the host to be among the users.

Photo: Microsoft

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