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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Software | 1 comment

Windows Phone surpasses 120,000 apps

Windows Phone surpasses 120,000 apps

Certainly iOS and Android are the current market leaders, but Windows Phone is being positioned as an alternative that promises to achieve strong rivals, even when it is far less than them (in age). Although until now Windows Phone had some very attractive features as its beautiful UI and amazing synchronization with other Microsoft products, today announced that its app store has grown to reach 120 thousand applications, something that certainly call the attention of many.

A mid-year since Microsoft announced that the app store for Windows Phone already had 100,000 applications, which means that in about four months the catalog of the Windows Phone Store has increased by 20%, representing a growing very, very fast.

And not just any kind of application, because although any developer has its doors open to present their software and choose a place on this store, are also some of the most popular apps on competing platforms. In fact, an analysis says that 46 of the 50 most downloaded on iOS and Android are available for Windows Phone, which achieved that users look more tempted to get hold of a mobile platform.

It is impossible to measure the success of a platform thanks to the number of applications they have in their stores, let alone taking into account that there is a huge number of apps irrelevant, unfortunately, it seems that they are only for “doing lots”. However, if we must ensure that a wide range of applications is a plus for a young operating system, such as Windows Phone 8, which is little more than a month on the market. The commitment to the development community with a platform is vital for businesses, only to RIM must remember that you want your BlackBerry 10 promising and expected to reach the market with some 100,000 applications available.

is a very important part of Microsoft’s future , especially given the direction of the mobile world is taking a lot of the computing market. In the case of Spain, from the 10th of December will be available the new Nokia Lumia family with WP8.

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1 Comment

  1. I believe that Windows Phone will catch up. Faster than what most of us are thinking. I hope they do. One app they really do need is Instagram