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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Windows |

Windows reaches Skitch

Windows reaches Skitch

Skitch is one of the most interesting applications when taking screenshots, edit and share, an application that was available for Mac OS and, since it was acquired by Evernote , has landed on Android and iOS allowing device users moving back and edit images, for example, add to your notes in Evernote. For some time, Skitch had an outstanding debt to the Windows systems users, as desktop Mac was featured only on a debt that was nearly paid off and finally materialized twice: Skitch is now available on Windows as in desktop version and Windows 8.

The application, which can download to install on your desktop version or from the Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows RT , we can take screenshots and edit images (adding comments, signs and anything that comes to mind) in a manner very simple, making it easy to share information and illustrating our notes in with images (own or what we are finding the net).

Windows reaches Skitch image 2

What brings us Skitch? I think is a very interesting because it makes it easy to edit images without complicate with other tools like Photoshop (or Gimp). We easily pixelate certain areas of the image, highlight other (with transparency using a marker that does not hide the background image that is) and once we’re done, we can use the drag & drop to drag and drop the image in an e mail or bring it to a document we have in editing.

Another interesting point, if we have users and Evernote desktop client installed, is that we can finally enjoy the integration of both services and, therefore, we can save the image directly, as a note in Evernote and also Clicking on this edition bar appears to jump to Skitch and make changes.

Windows reaches Skitch image 3

In the case of the Metro interface version, ie the version for Windows 8, Skitch adds a function to share maps and directions, for example, mark (with an arrow or a drawing) a direction and share the map with our friends (to show them the place where we stayed with them). In addition, it includes a feature, called Split Screen, with which we can slide the display screen and other running applications, a specific facility of Windows 8.

As I mentioned, I find a very interesting tool Skitch and an easy to use editor which can help us in more than one occasion and, at last, comes to Windows (which would not be unusual to expect a great reception, especially among users of Evernote ).

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