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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Technology |

Windows Store, Quality versus quantity?

Windows Store, Quality versus quantity?

Surely the App Store is one of those things that can make the new Microsoft operating system is a success exceeding sales of Windows 7, or a complete failure.

Many consumers fill their mouths saying Oh, because Windows 8 has more than 28,000 applications available! … Yes, but how many of them really worth it?

Personally I am tired of accessing the Windows Store and find every time I get into a category, with a new wave of applications that do not take me away to nowhere. Absurd or meaningless Applications may be taking at the moment about 65% of all the store.

So really what is best for the image of Microsoft?, Does the or quantity of their applications?

Personally I prefer quality rather have 500 apps good, mediocre to 27,500. Most volunteers might think at first, during the early weeks when Windows 8 is on the market, it would be understandable to boast of the number of applications.

And it’s no secret that the company itself has been encouraging through contests or events beyond the amount of quality. For example, if you make three applications we give you an Xbox 360 , but if you are faster or smarter and do 5 applications, we give you a Microsoft Surface .

It’s no joke, these situations have happened in several events and promotions held in many countries around the world during the first weeks after the launch of the new system.

Windows Store, Quality versus quantity? image 2

Picaresque?? What were some developers to get these awards regardless of the quality of their applications was split, for example if a developer had the idea to create an application with different subway lines in major cities of Spain, which made was to create one for the Madrid metro lines, one for those of Seville and one for Valencia.

Eye! This is completely legal, the developer takes the prize for having raised three now independent applications to Windows Store, but … Really makes a favor, or even your own image developer?

Personally I do not think the worst of it is that it has been so far the company itself which has encouraged this kind of thing. Luckily, it seems that Microsoft have raised the alarm, seeing the undisputed amount of garbage apps uploaded to the store during such events.

Now, even though Microsoft is encouraging with application development awards for its new system, at least to get the developer will need to create a quality application to be chosen as the winner by a jury, grade level or number of downloads.

What do you think? You need Microsoft for its new system to succeed in the app market to rivals such as Apple or Android, Quality versus quantity?.

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