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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks, Windows |

WinGram cute Instagram client for Windows 8

WinGram cute Instagram client for Windows 8

is more popular than ever. Much more than a service to apply filters to photos and post them, it is a social network in which both coexist photography lovers as casual users and of course marks as a result of the popularity of which we speak.

Instagram is an application and service that has always been more, but definitely one of the highlights of recent times has been its openness and launch on the Android platform. No not without controversy, because the terminals that use this system are many and cameras are not always up to par, we can say it was a successful move that has not only increased the number of users and the business that these generate.

Since then there have been many clients trying to bring the Instagram experience to the desktop or other devices. In Bitelia we talked for example five web services for Instagram addicts , or have given you 5 ideas to make the most from the browser . Today we talk about arriving in a new product so new it has not even officially out: Windows 8.

WinGram is entirely application Underground, the new interface features available in the Windows Store as trial and pro. The first gives us the opportunity to enjoy all that the application provides for a limited period of one week, the second has no time limit and only costs 1.5 dollars, a pretty affordable considering we choose whether it worth it or not.

As I say, you can try it as it is already available, but I will tell you how it works and why we decided to talk about it. Once we have downloaded, open through the application menu (should have created a new Tile) and we find a mosaic that shows images of the most popular social network, including descriptions, comments, likes and publication dates.

As you want to interact with such photographs or even access our profile, how convenient is log, which can be done through an option located on the right side of the screen. We will automatically accessing our profile and have option to leave comments or make like directly from your computer, without having to have our mobile devices.

Saying surfing the social networking interface as attractive as the specially created with Metro is a very good idea by the developers, and something that we do not understand why Instagram has not wanted to do yet. WinGram is of course a third party application, but it works so well you can go through a household product.

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