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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Science |

WMAP determines how the universe was born

WMAP determines how the universe was born

The WMAP probe has given an explanation of how the was born. According to the science team, has been determined with great accuracy the Universe age , the density of atoms, the time when the first stars began to shine and the density of the remaining non-atomic matter.

The probe, launched by NASA in 2001 and removed two years ago, has given his first final conclusions. Apparently, with a degree of precision on some aspects of the universe about 68,000 more accurate than any previous model.

The main job of the probe was to take an “X” observing the cosmos full glare of the hot universe coming to a time when he was only 375,000 years old (now would have 13,700 million years).

The end result is an image of the universe in its infancy, an approach that allows a high degree of accuracy to explain what happened in the past. Among the findings, the researchers speak of data coming to endorse the Big Bang theory or the theory of “inflation”, one that preaches that the universe had a dramatic initial expansion period reaching a growth of more than a billion trillion times in less than a trillion-trillionth of a second. Expansions of these galaxies would be born in time.

Finally, researchers have noted that has the ability to adjust the date that began the first stars to shine, a time which goes back to 400 million years of the Universe.

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