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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet |

WordPress: 6 questions you should ask yourself before installing a plugin

WordPress: 6 questions you should ask yourself before installing a plugin

For those who have WordPress this in our day to day, not a secret that plugins can attach to the platform. With them we can achieve better SEO, increase site loading speed, optimize the database, improving security, backups and even turn a blog into a “shopping cart” to mount a virtual store.

But not all things go well, and a plugin that is not written correctly can bring more complications than we want to avoid ruining the party altogether. The main problems we face when installing one of these gadgets are:

  • Plugins that are left to develop, leaving us with updates and support for new versions of WordPress.
  • Plugins scheduled without a minimum level of quality or have not been tested enough to detect any errors and that, ultimately, end up making our site more slowly.
  • And worst of all. Supplements to open security holes in the platform, making our site vulnerable and exposed to any type of attack.

Currently there are more than 20,000 plugins available in the WordPress directory , many with similar features and functions. What complicates the task of choosing the “perfect”. However, among the dozens of links that I check every day, I came across an interesting flow chart consists of several questions that will help us reduce the risk of choosing a plugin to generate headaches. Let’s review each of the 6 questions to give a little more sense.

WordPress: 6 questions you should ask yourself before installing a plugin image 2

1. Do I need to install this plugin?
The main thing would be whether we really need to install it. The plugin will be used to perform some critical function in your site, or just want to install it because you saw somewhere else and you think something “nice” to have in yours.

2. I can do what I need without this plugin?
For those without programming skills in PHP, MySQL and web development in general, the possibility of installing a plugin with a simple click is really attractive, so the possibilities are available to all. But if you are a developer and have the knowledge-and time-necessary, you may want to implement a much more efficient on your own without having to install that plugin.

3. Is this better than other similar plugin?
If you are unsure, make a list of supplements with similar characteristics within the directory, the chances are pretty good alternatives. It also works to use Google to search for tips on the best plugins for a particular task.

This question gives rise to 3 below. Once we have our list of supplements, we must determine which one is the best. At this point we must ask:

4. Which author has the best reputation?
To determine the reputation of the author of a plugin is not exactly the easiest task, but the directory itself can provide some clues WordPress. Check the value they have received from other users, the amount of plugins you have written and reviewed information about them. See if you take the time to answer support questions and if you have spent some time compiling a list of FAQs. From these details we can get much information (if you meet and you end up installing its complement, consider inviting a beer).

5. Which of the plugins has the best record of updates?
Check the changelog Changelog-o – the plugin. How many versions of it have been released and how often, when was the last time you updated. A recently updated add can ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress, the same way, one that has been in continuous development, we can indicate that we are witnessing a more complete and with a high level of maturity.

6. Which of the plugin has been installed more times?
The high popularity of a plugin might be the most accurate signal to help us make a decision. Compare the number of facilities with the amount of user ratings, and of course the average valuation. Many users vote positively can not be wrong, especially in these cases.

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