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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Storage |

Woz: “The more we use the cloud less control we have over information”

I am someone who is very supportive of the cloud. The new host files completely made my life simpler. In fact I recently spoke a bit of what I consider to be the future of storage . Anyway, it seems that Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, does not think as I do.

According to the expert believes the coming years we will see storage related to the world via the Internet will be horrendous . It’s interesting because is one of those people who love evolution and rarely saw him against new forms of technology.

This time I was ashamed to ensure that he was very concerned about the future and said that there will be terrible problems in the next five years. While all companies today, at least the most important, are working on related services to the Woz explained that he is very happy with the idea.

With the cloud you do not own anything. One has already signed the release. I like to feel that I own things.

He said that while everyone feels they have their files on your computer all the time is not the case and transfer it to the web just makes people who have rights over them. What if you take away those rights? Well, we leave and go to own one to recover what was lost.

It ended with a phrase rather dire:

I’m really worried about what will happen to the cloud

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