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Wunderlist out 2

Wunderlist out 2

Among the wide range of applications and services available on the network, one of the aspects that is most talked about Bitelia productivity, ie, how we can better manage our time to organize our work and our work, for example, relying on using an application or service available in the cloud. In this sense, one of the tools to manage tasks we have mentioned more than once is , a multiplatform service (available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS) with which we can bring up a list of tasks that lie do apply GTD or group our tasks into categories while we access this information from our desktop computer, our tablet or your smartphone.

Wunderlist is a very popular service and precisely thanks to the great reception given to the development team 6Wunderkinder is working on version 2 of the application for all platforms, ie, the Web version, the desktop versions (Mac and PC) and mobile versions (iOS and Android) and from which we can see a small progress that has been dropped in form:

While there is still no definite date of release, the idea is that Wunderlist 2 is available in this December (refer developers to launch the Christmas holidays) and according Wunderlist Users (who have participated in a Spanish translation tool), applications for Mac and iOS are waiting lists to get approval from Apple and have also had the opportunity to test the application for Android.

Unlike other updates, it appears that Wunderlist 2 is a redesign customer from zero, a very interesting because customers come in the form of native applications for each of the platforms, which result in an improvement experience use as applications run faster and much more stable. Furthermore, the update deployment door opens gradual upgrades and another bet will prevent significant product stagnation and allow a much more sustained. From the point of view of design and user interface, Wunderlist 2 promises to be even more intuitive and easier to use than its predecessor as well, in the case of iOS and Mac, optimize graphics for the famous retina display screens.

There will be attentive to the release of this update to see firsthand all the improvements and enjoy this simple service that take up our tasks and remember all that we have yet to do.

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