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Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Software |

Xbox is now available SmartGlass

Xbox is now available SmartGlass

This weekend is full of great releases by Microsoft, starting with Surface , its first tablet and Windows 8 , the newest version of its operating system so successful. But another of the new products presented this summer at their conference at E3 also arrived today, Xbox SmartGlass is already available.

This system was introduced as a solution for users of the Xbox 360 that can now control, or rather, interact through their smartphone or tablet with the console, in a wonderful way and will serve as a remote control command touchscreen.

Recall that since the major update to arrived late last year, the Dashboard console took a look based on the user interface of Windows 8, one that until recently was known as “Metro”. Well this certainly was aimed at unifying the experience in Microsoft products, so if you have a tablet with and Xbox SmartGlass use, we can control the Xbox 360 interface with our fingers from the tablet, as if it were a touchscreen.

In the case of Internet Explorer 10, SmartGlass functionality far beyond, as our finger becomes a mouse cursor, since we do scroll, click or zoom using two fingers on the screen of a tablet or SmartGlass smartphone to control Internet browser native Xbox 360. And with Xbox Music is a fantastic experience to control the playback of your favorite songs via streaming.

For now, only available SmartGlass Xbox version for Windows 8 from the Windows Store , and for smartphones with Android operating system from Google Play Store . Neither iOS nor Android tablets are currently supported by this application, but probably in a couple of weeks maximum reach App Store.

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