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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Technology, Video Games |

Xbox Surface, possible tablet for gamers

Xbox Surface, possible tablet for gamers

Just two weeks after starting the distribution of Surface, the new from Microsoft, comes another tablet in the same range, but smaller … and focused on games.

It would be the Xbox Surface, a tablet would share with design, but would not tell with identical software, but an adapted version of Windows RT to focus on games, and provide other social functions. Our source, The Verge , gives a size of 7 inches, to deal with releases like the Nexus 7 or the iPad mini, but interested in attracting more gamers.

Its components would also be designed to use video games as a RAM with high processing capability, or the ARM processor, although it is finally implement Intel chips. Also, this may be one of the latest devices whose development and manufacturing process is not carried out at new sites, in order to avoid leaks about new products, for example, 720. As accompany other current and ban certain Microsoft employees who access rooms where they are developing new products related to the Xbox division.

The header image is a prototype designed by GSM Arena, it has nothing to do with the final look that could have this model Surface, although missing out many details like style include physical buttons on the remote for the Xbox 360, if the controls would be completely new, or to what level would take advantage in videogames this device adapted to the possibilities of a 7-inch touch screen. We look.

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