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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Rumors, Technology, Video Games |

Xbox TV will arrive in late 2013

Xbox TV will arrive in late 2013

would be building a device called Xbox TV, as have told The Verge multiple sources familiar with the company.

It seems that Microsoft is planning to introduce a low-cost alternative to the next-generation Xbox , designed to provide access to digital TV channels along with other basic entertainment.

The new device could run only major game titles available in Windows 8 . Although the hardware specifications are not complete at this time, The Verge has understood that the device would always be connected, allowing it to start quickly and almost instantly provide access to television and other entertainment services.

Microsoft is also exploring the possibility of providing this functionality to OEM partners who manufacture televisions, and thus get cast their main services on large screens in our homes.

With this new device, Microsoft could increase the life cycle of their product, and their presence in the game room of our homes, offering consumers the choice to purchase a TV or Xbox console next generation in full.

The new would be part of the strategy is to split Microsoft into two branches to the next generation entertainment company, which will be released in 2013, before the holiday shopping season.

The scenery in the world of video games next year will be very different to what we know today. Nintendo Wii U will have been in stores for a year, becoming the Android game console developed by Ouya and rumored Sony will launch the PlayStation 4 at the end of the year as its next-generation Microsoft Xbox .

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