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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Mac OS X |

XCode, develops applications and interfaces from Mac

XCode, develops applications and interfaces from Mac

A few months ago are a few alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac , considering that the favorite notebook to write code is not available for OS X. Given our readership developers, today I will talk about an application also very useful source for fans who have a Mac: it’s XCode , that more than a Notepad to write is all a development environment that allows us to create interfaces user.

is available for free from the Mac App Store, and is an ideal choice for developers who are working in the ever growing market for applications for Mac, iPhone and iPad. What’s good is that we can use a variety of tools that allow us to increase productivity with an easy interface and the ability to do debugging, basically, at some level, troubleshoot code for you.

I mentioned the interface, Mac users will feel very comfortable in this environment, given the similarities with other programs of the same company. The windows in XCode function as workspaces or workspaces, and the good thing is that we can “customize” to fit the way you want to work: may contain a simple text editor and a graphic editor, a media library, and a debugger, among other things.

Being able to use workspaces also allows the user to have the opportunity to work on several projects at once, as in reality. By using workspaces can subdivide the parts of an application or whatever they are working in a clean and organized, seeing all files in all projects but limiting ourselves to work in one.

The advantages of XCode reside in the benefits it can bring to our work, their full functionality, and of course, the fact that it is free. Considering the “custom” of iOS and OS X to charge us for each of truly useful applications you want to install, is an important advance.

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