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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Engine, Technology |

Xkuty One, the first electric bike without pedals the world

Xkuty One, the first electric bike without pedals the world

The Spanish company Electric Mobility Company has performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante’s first bike without in the world, called Xkuty One.

Xkuty One, which will be priced as standard equipment included 2,800 euros, is designed under the concept FASB (Fully Assisted Bike).

Integrating HUB engine rear wheel itself, the company was able to eliminate the need to use chains, oil or gas, and solved the problems of noise pollution, air pollution and dirt.

This hybrid between a motorcycle and a has a total weight of only 45 kg and has two lithium-ion batteries of 17 Ah to be recharged in just two hours using any standard outlet.

Thanks to the engine that incorporates a power of 1500 W, is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 45 km / h during the range of 50 km.

From the outset the company was clear that his new project would have to be intuitive controls for anyone to have to use an instruction book. Its operation is based on a single button on the entire chassis, throttle, brakes and a couple of lights to bring it even at night.

Another of the pillars that the designers had in mind the company, was the beginning of ergonomotion. Thanks to this principle the driver can consistently get the position that is most comfortable and natural.

Moreover, his seat and angled front inverted floor plan allows all people, regardless of height, move safely and relaxed.

As if this were not enough, Xkuty One speaks several languages. Drivers can get information about your speed, load or even use the GPS through the official app developed by the company for the future owners of the vehicle with Android and iOS devices.

Interested consumers can set the colors of both the chassis, seat or grip and join the waiting list from now. From the website of the company, it is clarified that the booking does not imply any obligation, only the right of interested parties to join the waiting list for the service, which is scheduled for spring 2013.

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