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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Technology |

Yahoo! Mail is completely redesigned

Yahoo! Mail is completely redesigned

A few years ago, Yahoo! was one of the free services most popular among users, a reign that was marred by Gmail ending arrival of relegating to the background though, for many of these initial users, remains their main personal email address . It’s been over two years since Yahoo! its email service with the idea of making it more attractive to users and, at this time, the user habits have evolved in search of simplicity and speed are not came to realize in the last adjustment. With the “spirit of improvement” that Marissa Mayer wants to internalize in Yahoo, the flamboyant CEO of the company has been commissioned to advertise on the corporate blog the new Yahoo! Mail , a redesign of the service that focuses on simplicity in its interface and the operation speed.

With the idea of becoming a real alternative to Gmail and (where Microsoft has also invested heavily evolve Hotmail), Yahoo! has decided to revamp its email service betting heavily on input from a wide range of platforms: version for browser (where the redesign will be activated in the coming days), an application for Windows 8 , iOS app (for iPad, iPod and iPhone) and an application for Android devices . Yahoo! Redesigned all clients to fulfill two main specifications: simplicity of use (something much appreciated by users, especially mobile devices) and fast response of the application, ie, the ability to perform operations (delete messages, archive, move, delete, etc.) without having to spend much time in them.

Yahoo! Mail is completely redesigned image 2

Taking a look at the images, for example where there hung on the Windows Store, we can see how this new approach seeks Yahoo! offer a much more solid and serious, something that Marissa Mayer knows well to come from Google (which Gmail is crowned as a leader in this area). I really liked the new approach in which the messages, how could it be otherwise, become the most important element of the service, and become the center of the interface, eliminating the distractions that traditionally used include Yahoo! the service.

Yahoo! Mail is completely redesigned image 3

This facelift, with an emphasis on mainstream platforms, is one of the first signs of the new strategy of Yahoo! and its focus on mobility as a pillar of the relaunch of the company and its services. Perhaps it may be a good time to resume our old Yahoo! accounts and give them a second chance as secondary accounts.

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