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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Economy and Business, Technology |

Young Sohn, chief strategy officer of Samsung, Apple devices used

Young Sohn, chief strategy officer of Samsung, Apple devices used

To say that and are fighting a global battle that is not anything new, it’s something we’ve seen in the various lawsuits that have been crossing using patents as throwing weapons and accusing of copied products (we all remember the millionaire ruling in favor of Apple in California). Against this background, one would think that the top executives of both companies exert champions of their products, however, Young Sohn , chief strategist of the Samsung and also is in charge of research projects and innovation the company is personally using the devices and services of the “great rival” , ie, Sohn has a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad.

This fact has been known peculiar through an interview that the MIT Technology Review has done and, although he has said that at work uses Samsung devices and has a smartphone manufactured by his company, at home using Apple products because has always has used and, therefore, has had to fend for systems to interoperate between the company and their personal devices

At work I use Samsung devices, Apple’s home, mainly because all my systems and files are compatible with these devices. Seems a bit wordy, right? However, one can find a way to synchronize their contacts and calendars between the two systems. It can be done. It costs a little work but it is possible

At first glance, such a statement can hit enough because, throughout the interview, the manager will make the strategy of Samsung has a very particular vision of Apple and, indeed, his vision demonizes its competitor but rather quite the opposite. For Young Sohn, Apple is a customer, a competitor and a reference model as the Cupertino offer, but the devices, an ecosystem services (iCloud, for example) and in this area, Samsung is still in its infancy and where it should go in order to compete effectively with Apple.

In many companies, the chief strategy use competing products could be seen almost as a sacrilege or offense, in fact, there are many companies who practice Eating your own dog food , that is, use their own products to lead by example and establish this practice as company policy (which in many areas is seen as something very normal and natural and that, within the technology sector, it is common practice). However, Sohn statements seem very brave and are much deeper than the joke or story to think the popular phrase “home of the blacksmith, wooden spoon”.

Perhaps one might expect utilizase Sohn exclusive products of your company but is responsible for the strategy must go beyond and see the surrounding environment: the user demands, the strengths of the company and its differential values and, as no, the competition and what it does well. Logically, analyze the competition does not mean copying literally what it does but to innovate and provide products and services that are best able to catch the user for more than a lower price.

In the book “The Art of War” attributed to Sun Tzu, we can find what I think is a good summary of this “particular case”:

Know your enemy and know yourself, in a hundred battles you will never be defeated. If you are ignorant of your enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If you are ignorant of your enemy and yourself, you can be sure to be defeated in every battle

It seems that Samsung will focus on creating their own ecosystem of services, to be seen for what path leads the company’s strategy and are able to surprise us with something other than iCloud to be able to make a difference.

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