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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Mobile, Multimedia |

YouTube Capture for iOS: record videos and upload them to YouTube

YouTube Capture for iOS: record videos and upload them to YouTube

Our mobile devices we have something simpler immortalized in photos and videos that are important to those times or the good times we spent with our friends. With services like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, share snapshots that capture is quite simple and precisely with the idea of making things easier and make the process much faster, Google today launched YouTube Capture , an application for iOS to share YouTube videos that take from the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The YouTube Capture operation is very simple and, indeed, that’s what I wanted Google with this app: simplify the process. The application, which we can download from the App Store , is oriented to record videos and upload them to YouTube and, for this reason, directly to open is ready to shoot (preventing waste time configuring the terminal and once recorded the Video , use another application to upload).

And that simple? ? Record and upload to YouTube? Indeed, that is the main objective of the application but, as expected, also includes the option to share the video via Twitter, Facebook or Google+, ie programmed to share the video once you finish the climb but do this action at the time of uploading the video and, for example, put a title (avoiding that we have to wait for it to upload to share).

Another interesting Capture, especially for a mobile app, is the ability to edit the video ad-hoc, ie, on the fly. When uploading a video to YouTube we can tell you that you can apply automatic color corrections in image stabilization, add a soundtrack, adjust the length and, most importantly, correct the orientation of the video if taken with the terminal vertically. In addition, the application also help us to upload videos stored in the terminal, but we have not filmed with the application, and can also apply effects and corrections that YouTube offers (which, incidentally, can undo from the Video settings on the platform).

An application that, overall, it looks pretty good and you can become a success now arriving family celebrations and with our friends in this Christmas. What about Android? Is there a version of for this platform? The answer to this question is that, for now, there is a version for Android but Google hopes to launch soon (and presumably not disappoint).

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